Hot new phones coming to Verizon next month!

Rumors are rumors, but we have proof thanks to an internal Verizon Wireless document that the carrier will offer a few hot devices for the Holidays…
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59. unregistered

Godd luck on switching to Sprint !!! LOL

91. unregistered

VZW doesn't really mess with the interface on smartphones, so I would really expect it to have the touchflo 3d. Everything you mentioned is rumors and speculation. If you switch just because of something that /may/ happen, then you deserve what you get.

106. unregistered

I don't think Verizon goes to the phone makers and tells them we want a slower process, less memory, no wi-fi and so on. What probably happens is that each carrier bids for each handset and they are given exclusitivity to sell the handset on their network. The manufacturers then go and make another phone with different features, give it a different name and sell it to the other carriers. Verizon seems to favor RIM more so that is probably why they get new models first. Sprint seems to favor HTC and so on.

108. T-PAiN unregistered

Yeah, they are all rumors but if you frequent phonearena and other cell phone websites like I do (and I assume you because you replied to my comment) then you know all of these sites are comprised of rumors and heresay. And the reason these sites are so popular is because more often than not they are pretty accurate with their rumors and the like. Anyway, I am well aware of the fact that Sprint is a downgrade in coverage area; but when you have been waiting as long as I have been for a great phone that does everything I need it to do, you start to consider sacrificing service for utility.

111. unregistered

You have to get what works for you. It is obvious you know there might be some short comings in service, but then again there may not be depending on your area. I say try it out and if it works great and if it doesn't do what you want.

31. vzw fanboy unregistered

i want the raphael. how come the storm isnt on the list? i hope it will be out by chrsitmas.

32. xmguy unregistered

I really like the XV6850. But I bet all these WM devices require a data plan. Plus don't support the cheaper VPAK.

68. elgee02 unregistered

The only phones on VZW that require a data plan are Blackberrys.

69. unregistered

The only phones that require a data plan are the blackberry phones on verizon. The wm phones don't but they are recomended. And no, they don't support the cheaper vpak plans.

73. xmguy unregistered

I figured it wasn't a necessity. BUT, If you wanted to use any data the Data package was all that was available no Vpak.

77. unregistered

I was told I have to have a data plan with my treo. I don't want it. Was I lied to?

92. unregistered

Yes. You were lied to, sort of. A lot of the prices quoted for smartphones include an 'advanced device credit' which is usually an extra $100 or so off the phone, when you get a data plan. So you could have gotten the treo without a data plan, but probably would have paid more for it.

94. unregistered

there is no such thing as an "advance device credit" anymore. They stopped that like 8 months ago bub. pricing is what the 2 yr pricing is now, with MIR which is 70 on pda/bberrys. no more wierdo pricing, the ADC is already "included" in the 2 yr price now so its easier for everyone... which is why, if you pay attention, all pda's/bbs are cheaper than they were last year by the same amount.

100. unregistered

My mistake. It's been a year since I priced phones. Regardless, you do not need a data plan on a treo.

103. unregistered

As a sales rep that is the under handed way to do it but in all having a data plan and using greatly reduces the risk of a return.... all you have to show the customer is everything you CANT do without the data plan and then ask them why they are a paying for a phone you cant use

135. unregistered

Or pay as you go. But that would be pointless. I AM SO SICK of people buying all these data devices and not using the phone for what it's intended for! Stop trying to get something jam-packed with a bunch of features you don't need and get something that's actually beneficial to you. If you want a data device,pay the extra 29.99 a month for the data plan!

33. Suehyunes unregistered

Actually, I have been waiting for the omnia for a long time, and before I read this article, I thought about to give up to wait for it and to choose AT&T's suff. But, I think It's almost done. It's Oct 24th. I wish I'm gonna get it as fast as i can. I saw some interesting response about omnia in other article. There's someone mentioned about the releasing date unclearly, "omnia will be out by the end of october as per a verizon retention customer service rep" Hey guys~ How's ur opinion? I can't hardly wait. I already wait for a long time. If someone have a good information~ Let's Share~ I need a cell phone!!!!!!!!

177. unregistered

THere source is a single VZW call center rep? Retention reps will say nearly anything to get a customer to stay, (seriously, you wouldnt belive the stuff i've seen call center reps comment), but i wouln't ever switch carriers just for a *cough*(I)*cough*phone. especially now that ATT's network is so BADLY overworked and cant keep up. At least stick around for a month, some VERRRRY interesting stuff coming out...

182. unregistered

I'm a business customer and I talked to my rep since I got the Samsung I760 2 weeks before almost everyone hehehe, He did mention the release date for the storm is November 17 but the Omnia might be delayed a little. I will post as soon as I find out.

39. vzw fanboy unregistered

i have the vcast vpack for my voyager and its great and everything, but the browser sucks. i want to get rid of my voyager its getting boring for me

41. unregistered

The Omnia and XV6850 are both on the smartphone plan, so I cannot get them. :( I'm stuck with only the u810, and it looks like a Gleam u700, which is cool :)

47. seanh1231 unregistered

You are not required to add a data plan to Windows Mobile smartphones. Only Blackberries require a data plan for activation. Why wouldn't be able to get one of these?

43. CARTER unregistered

im totally looking at either the saga or the omnia they look awesome and im kinda getting sick of my palm treo 700p

48. kdmorris777 unregistered

'Bout time! How much for the Omnia? Doesn't matter...and I've already converted my DVDsto play on it. Merry Christmas to me!!!

49. matnessv2 unregistered

aside from the usual bs and trash talk in these post, i work for vzw and have seen the i770 and the Omnia in person. Both of these devices worked exceptionally and the Omnia is a beautiful phone. The saga is alil big, thin, but long. The optical mouse on both phones was also a big plus that i think users will enjoy. And in these parts(central florida) verizon is the best go v-dub! oh and for me omnia>diamond, what do you guyz think?

81. hyloka unregistered

Does the Omnia have Wi-Fi,or has it been gimped for Verizon? No Wi-Fi would be a little like taking a porshe and changing one tire to a 80mph rated tire. I'm on Verizon with the Samsung i730 (3 years old) with BT and Wi-Fi, so I wouldn't move to the Omnia if it had fewer features than my 3 year old phone.

87. unregistered

it has wifi

98. Hyloka unregistered

I just want to make sure that if Verizon is gimping the Touch Pro by removing the touchflo UI and Wi-Fi, that it isn't doing the same to the Omnia. I'll pay more to have a non-gimped phone that has all the Omnia specs (except GSM of course, since Verizon isn't GSM).

50. unregistered

They give the shitty name to the sexy phone. Might as well call it the Verizon Wireless XVzomfgbuythisphone12345678906850. Im mean the could at least stayed with touch pro or given it a nice name like fuze. Omnia for me.

53. Anomalies

Posts: 61; Member since: Jun 08, 2008

We wouldn't do that, the sku would be too long.
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