Hot new phones coming to Verizon next month!

Rumors are rumors, but we have proof thanks to an internal Verizon Wireless document that the carrier will offer a few hot devices for the Holidays…
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14. unregistered

@_@ i cant wait to get these bad boys in! Sales are gona be threw the roof!

15. unregistered

Does anyone know if the Omnia is going to be sporting EVDO rev.A? It seems silly they'd release this beast with rev.0, but the article doesn't say one way or another for this device.

17. elgee02 unregistered

I'm pretty sure it's gonna be Rev A... seems all new VZW EVDO phones coming out are Rev A... Dare, Krave, Storm, etc.

18. unregistered

Verizon as always too little to late, after 10 years of waiting have switched and bought 2 IPhones ..they can keep junk should be first always not last..

19. unregistered

I agree with you that verizon did took a long time to get better phones. But is also truth that they've herd the people's voice and now are starting to get the best phones out there. We might not have the iphone yet, but we will have the storm coming soon and trust me i would regret buying two expensive iphones when you could of bought the one and only storm with more capabilities and probably for less.

58. unregistered

I'm sick and tired of everyone bringing up the Iphone as if it is the best phone in the market...So many phones are so much better than the iphone (feature wise) it's sickening....You I phone lovers make me sick !!!!

61. hun60 unregistered

Not sure I understand ... is this english?

159. unregistered

How quickly the fanboys forget that apple offered verizon the iphone first and they laughed them out of the building due to the revenue sharing plans and sent them along to at&t which while they saw a raise in data revenue, lost out money on the marketing and sales of the handset compared to every other phone out there. this was talking about wont get a smartphone on a plan for under $80 because of data. so stop being cheap and just go with who will give you the best voice and data coverge anywhere....its nice not having to wonder

20. unregistered

Does anyone know if the Omnia is sporting a 3.5mm headphone jack, I can't find the info on phonescoop, here or engadgetmobile.

22. unregistered

Not, it does not. Phonearena is the best when it comes to specs. The way I check if a device does or does not have something is going into their advanced specs view, and clicking on show missing features. It clearly shows X next to the 3.5mm jack.

23. unregistered

Aw man that is weak sauce, because I still have and use my iphone1st gen, but I work at vzw and wouldnt mind having the discount again. I may still look into it, but I lost a lot of my excitement for it just now lol.

25. unregistered

Good job gimping on the WiFi on the Omnia, Verizon. Worthless bastards.

27. sinfulta unregistered

Why don't you buy the $599+ 8gb UK Omnia then? Or the $699+ 16gb version. I'm sure Verizon had to cut some corners because americans are cheap about what they pay. So your guy's verizon will sell you a way cheaper version of our Omnia, and it's missing one thing? I wouldn't be surprised if that phone is not $249.99, knowing how cheap the US is. Most people in the UK would love to have a $249 Omnia and just use the 3G and forget about wifi. Trust me.

36. unregistered

Americans are cheap??? There is something called competition and supply/demand which drives down prices; we just have more competition and demand than the UK does. This is a good thing, for us. Doesn't mean that all Americans are cheap. Stereotyping is not appreciated. We also get a discount for signing up with a 1 or 2 year contract. Not sure if that is a feature of the UK cell phone business. I know it's not a feature in other parts of Europe. If we purchase the phone at full price without a contract, it will be $600. Furthermore, the gentleman above wants WiFi. So, your comment about "and it's missing one thing?" doesn't make sense; WiFi appears to be an essential "thing" for him.

40. unregistered

it has wifi, it was mentioned on HOFO

45. sinfulta unregistered

Yes, American's are cheap. I am an American. Anyone that has traveled abroad or lived there/school what-not will tell you the same thing. If it makes it easier to your ears I will say: American's are more price cautious about certain things they buy. One of those is definitely cell phones. In the UK a lot of these high end phones are not sold by any carrier and you would order or go into a cellular shop to just buy. Verizon isn't going to market the device with WiFi, and charge $30-$50 more for it so this one consumer can have it. If verizon has a big enough 3G network as they say/claim. Then they are going to charge less for a phone without a feature and it will be in reach to more consumers. BTW: Anything is subject to change without notice. Who knows what it will have when it hits the street.

66. unregistered

No, American's are cheap. The come expecting a phone to be free. Yes, there is competition, but not enough to warrant the costs phones are now. I work at a Verizon retailer in the US. We see people coming in who want a dare for free, or they want The Voyager for free with all the bells and whistles included. But then these same customers complain about jobs going overseas. There is a book called "The Walmart Effect" where the author put it something like this: "American Consumers demand equitable pay, eco-friendly manufacturing, and quality products but are UNWILLING to pay what such products cost." We as americans are cheap. We want as much as possible for as little as possible, even if what we sacrifice (quality) will end up costing us more. Reading the news about the economy will tell you that. So don't get your feathers in a bunch for when people state something that is patently obvious, especially if you work in any form of retail. Back to the argument at hand, "wi-fi:" In samsung's defense, they took out the wifi because it is a cost they can cut because Verizon does not push wifi service like other carriers. Since other phones (even samsungs) have wifi on Verizon, the company obviously doesn't put a ban on it. If verizon started offering Wifi "Hotspots" like other carriers, you would see more phones with the feature.

67. elgee02 unregistered

If this was not a 3G phone I can understand the need for WiFi, but since this phone has 3G in the form of EVDO Rev A it makes WiFi pointless. WiFi means hunting down free hotspots. VZW's 3G which covers over 80% of the US population means I don't have to worry about it, damn near everywhere I go I have high speed internet.

74. Statement #38 unregistered

Good points #49 and #72. I just think it's better to say "Many Americans want products for as cheap of a price as possible, sometimes even for free", rather than saying generic statements about Americans like: "americans are cheap about what they pay" or "knowing how cheap the US is" (as said in post # 29 above). Not all Americans are cheap. There are a lot of people that spend too much money. How do you explain why people buy a Ferrari or really expensive cars? Why do I stay in a hotel for $300 a night? But I agree with your comments in general and thanks for the reference to "The Walmart Effect". I'm just not a fan of stereotypes for an entire nation of 300 million people.

97. unregistered

I admit that as an American, I am as cheap as the day is long. If by "cheap" you mean constantly watching my expenditures, keeping myself within a very tight budget, purchasing what I can with funds on hand (Credit is an emergency for me), and only purchasing items that I feel is worth my money. I tell you what though, if I find something is worth it to me I will spend the money.

99. unregistered

you have a very small view of the US... and im not trying to put you down... you really should look at the ecomony a little more.. Any major book you read that has to do with American psych when it comes to buying habit and trends will point to the fact that Americans expect cheap and fast. We are a throw away society with a demand for instant gradification... There are three basic market principles and you only can have two. Cheap, good, fast.(cost, value, speed) Americans prefer cheap and fast.

104. unregistered

WiFi is not pointless. Some people don't want to pay extra $ a month for a data plan. WiFi enables that type of customer to still be able to take advantage of the full browser and large screen to browse the internet on when they're in a WiFi hotspot.

120. unregistered

you dont need wi fi if you have phone w/verizon thats for poor fools with at&t

155. unregistered

I've been testing the OMNIA for two weeks and it DOES have WiFi, fyi.

195. unregistered

Americans are cheap?? Moron. Brits are known to be "frugal." Americans are extravagant. We are the idiots who buy $300 sneakers and $250 jeans. We are, however, SPOILED. We are such big spenders that a carrier knows if they can subsidize the phone enough, they'll make enough on us in two years of billing to more than compensate for substantial (sometimes mind blowing) discounts in the early price of the device. As for WiFi, it's true that the iPhone AUTOMATICALLY connects to wifi when its available, apparently to save data usage - for AT&T, not for the user, and the App store doesn't even seem to work on 3G, but requires a wiFi connection. I would add, however, that while 3G is fast, it's not as fast as 801.g wireless. NOPE. d

26. crd22

Posts: 77; Member since: Apr 15, 2008

Any news on the Diamond yet? I wanna get the XV6900, but I know it'll drop big time once the Diamond is out. It's only $50 on Sprint. The Omnia is also a really nice looking phone, a great addition to Verizon's lineup.

28. T-PAiN unregistered

I have been with VZW for 5 years and am getting ready to jump ship to Sprint for the Touch Pro; so this news is a little disconcerting because Big Red is finally getting some worth-while phones. But, I think I am still going to make the switch because the rumors have been (and they appear to be backed up in this article) that VZW is going to do what they always do and screw up a good phone by not including Touch Flo 3D with the Raphael. There are also rumors that their version is going to have a slower processor, and other downgrades from Sprint's Touch Pro. I just wish Verizon would release truly great phones to go with their great coverage; and stop messing phones up before they release them.

30. vzw fanboy unregistered

going from verizon to sprint is a big step down in terms of average coverage.

34. unregistered

no doubt!

37. unregistered

It's all about balancing positives and negatives. Worse coverage in exchange for a device that you actually like.
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