Hot new phones coming to Verizon next month!

Rumors are rumors, but we have proof thanks to an internal Verizon Wireless document that the carrier will offer a few hot devices for the Holidays…
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86. unregistered

you do realize roll over minutes are just a way to get you to keep a plan that you dont need right? If you have more than a few extra minutes a month, you could probably be on a lower plan. ive seen people with 2 and 3k worth of roll over.. that does nothing for you, they dissapear after a year, and for that whole year you have been being ripped off and over paying for what you use. yay for roll over ?

89. unregistered

Yep, rollover is an awesome marketing plan though. There are some exceptions, but most people don't use it. Still, the customers who have it and never use it always act like they have something valuable. They go "but I have 1500 rollover minutes" and I'm all like "Does AT&T have a catalog or something where you can cash them in for prizes? 'Cause you're certainly not using them." The fact that the customers feel it has value is what's important though.

93. unregistered

new plans coming out next month!

102. unregistered

Really..... Love to hear about them.....

116. unregistered

No one can say that one carrier is the best for EVERY person in this nation. It just is not true nor will it ever be true. Philly is a large metro area so most the big two, Verizon and AT&T should be fine for you. Rollover and early nights and weekends are just gimicks. I think you should check your bills over the past month and see if either rollover and early nights and weekends would have helped you. With that information in hand you should be able to make a more informed decision.

136. unregistered

with at&t if you change anything you lose your roll over minutes just to let you know

137. unregistered

why dont you try trouble shooting your phone getting things updated that may help

156. unregistered

You could do all those things, plus you can take them all and cram them up your ass. You've proved your "google" knowledge on phones, whoopidy doo. How bout service + kick a$$ phones? Well sprint and this bla bla bla and AT&T bla bla bla and android google bla bla bla.

166. VzW CsR unregistered

check this out everybody to each is owen yeah verizon has the best network but it does not work every where i was in atl ga and my phone was right next to me and it did not ring but it would let me know when i had a voicemail and i work for them to at&t is not much better they have alot of hidden charges and sprint/nextel i wont even go there with yall t-moblie is cool they just have better data plans and my real thought is they all suck at one point in time but i will say this why get a pda phone that u cant put "insurance" on u would have to buy that phone at fullretail that is not cool for a customer to respend fulretail price for a phone and u cant even put "INSURANCE" on so u take ur opinion and tell me what u think about that has have to be the worst shit i have every heard of u cant put phone "INSURANCE" on sorry ass "IPHONE"

173. unregistered

Att/Cingular has one of the worst networks that is why it crashed when people try to activate the iphone. I have been a verizon customer for 6 years and they have the best network. Customer service can be hard sometimes as I tried Att for 1 year hate it we spend about 4000 minutes a month between 4 people and get dropped calls all the time and sometimes can't even make a call and other att people we spoke say the same. ATT Sucks

178. unregistered

are you serious? "Don't cite JD Power, because that study doesn't apply to EVERY customer in the US. It's just a statistical study that is based on a sample of the whole population." do you even understand statistics and population sampling works? take a college course in basic statistics for christ's sake, it's free just show up to the lecture. better yet, google it you won't even have to leave your armchair-expert seat. a sample of the population done correctly will cover opinions of the whole population very accurately.

180. unregistered

#186- Since I have taken many epidemiology and statistics courses throughout my training in med school, residency, and fellowship over the past 10 years, including an additional degree in stats and epi over the past 2 years, I am not interested in taking a "college course in basic statistics for christ's sake" or "better yet, google it" as you suggested. But, I do appreciate your comments and I agree with you that "a sample of the population done correctly will cover opinions of the whole population very accurately". But I still stand by my statement that the "study doesn't apply to EVERY customer in the US". If you want to test a hypothesis in a population (in this case, the quality of the cellular phone service in the United States), the sample taken of cellular phone service quality needs to be representative of the United States as a whole. I'm sure JD Power did a good job with sampling to make it fairly representative of the US, though I still believe that statistical studies CANNOT apply to EVERY single person in the US (i.e. cannot be externally valid to EVERY person in the US). The only way to determine what is going on with EVERY person is to survey EVERY person in the US and report the results (i.e. complete enumeration). My point was that the I don't believe that the results of this SINGLE study (or ANY single study) applies to EVERY person in the US. Simply put, there are some people who's personal cell phone service history doesn't agree with the JD Power study.

181. #17 unregistered

#93, #96, #143- Thanks for info regarding rollover. -------------------------------------------------------------- #123- "Rollover and early nights and weekends are just gimicks. I think you should check your bills over the past month and see if either rollover and early nights and weekends would have helped you. With that information in hand you should be able to make a more informed decision." Thanks for the info. I think you may be correct. I looked at my bills for the past 6 months. I have N&W after 7 pm, and it hasn't really helped me. I guess having an adequate number of anytime minutes is more important, to prevent being overcharged at a high rate.

185. Verizon_Guy unregistered

I dont know if you knew this, but if you do see your getting close to going over your mins, or are over, you can add like 500 min or something for $10.00. And Verizon Business plans have My Circle type plans where you pick 5 numbers you can call for free on any network. Verizon also offers the most discounts then any other cell network in America. Like Post Office workers ect.

198. Tpimp unregistered

Yeah I have evidence. Verizon is going to allow me to use a Sprint Touch pro on my Verizon contract. Then I will have the best smart phone (not crippled verizon version) on the best network (it just is). Oh and A++ customer service does keep people coming back, I'm not leaving for a phone. Its coming to me!!!

207. unregistered

Dont forget about unlimited IN calling.

209. ICanAffordVZW

Posts: 123; Member since: Dec 15, 2008

are you really suggesting the VZW doesnt work in ATL??

5. unregistered

im so glad this article came out i was just about to preorder my storm today but not it's OMNIA all the way

38. Anonymous24 unregistered

How do you preorder Storm today? I want that phone so bad!

78. unregistered

u can go to the store and pre-order

134. unregistered

No you can't. There is no reason to go into the store asking about it. The best thing to do is go to and register for updates when new info comes out about it. You cannot preorder the phone in the store.

184. unregistered

If you are a business customer you might be able to get it the first week of Nov as the official release date is the 17th. I'm on the works on getting mine.

6. unregistered

Verizon still needs to get in with the iPhone. It's also not clear that the ATT Fuze and the VZW Rafael versions of the HTC Touch Pro will be enabled for the same suite of features. With these choices and the best network THEN VZW will have "won".

10. sinfulta unregistered

Your statement sounds really bitter from someone reading it from the outside. Can't anyone just be happy for big red releasing a Very good lineup for the holidays? That is a pretty good lineup including the storm which will all be available before or around thanksgiving. Pretty amazing to me. The storm is launching with 1gig of internal memory, 3.2MP Camera w/Video. Visual Voice Mail, Bluetooth 2.0, Nav Capable, Documents to go, GSM GLobal Support pack, All Global Adapters, an pre-installed (But still removeable) 8 Gig Memory card, and I think the only phone on the market with Septuple bands. Yes I said Septuple, It's a word, look it up. GSM: 800/900/1800/1900/2100, CDMA: 800/1900, UTMS/HSDPA/HSUPA/GSM/GPRS/EDGE/1XRTT/EVDO/EVDO-RevA. I don't know about you. But I don't know any other phone that will have all that capability and launch for $199.99. I don't know what else you would want? Some of you people are never happy.

72. unregistered

Where did you see pricing for the Storm? I haven't seen any official pricing on it anywhere yet, and with it being a Global phone and it includes an 8 gig micro sd card I imagine it would cost more than that $199.99. It would be pretty tits if it did though.

82. sinfulta unregistered

If you signed up for email alerts They sent a email to everyone a few days ago that the phone should launch at $269.99, with a $70 Mail in Rebate. So $199.99.

153. unregistered

that's awesome news. i had not signed up for email alerts, but am happy you did!

8. elgee02 unregistered

That Omnia looks sick especially with that 5mp camera, but I am still getting the Storm when it launches.

9. dglove unregistered

I'm definitely going to choose between the Storm, Omnia, and the Touch Pro.

11. unregistered

Dang! I can't decide between the the Storm, Omnia, or waiting for the Touch Diamond. I wish the Touch Diamond was comming out at the same time.
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