Hot Rumors: Apple iPhone 5S with 13MP camera coming in July; Retina display iPad mini in October

It is rumor time as the clock ticks us into a weekend after a crazy week that saw Apple and RIM reverse roles and someone with a track record for knowing what is happening inside Apple says that the Apple iPhone 5S will launch in July sporting a 13MP camera; also on the schedule is a version of the Apple iPad mini with a Retina display screen...
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18. jove39

Posts: 2146; Member since: Oct 18, 2011

What about rumours of iPhone with Qualcomm soc...that'd be exciting.

22. BigBoss10

Posts: 279; Member since: Aug 31, 2012

Now Apple need to s u c k Sony

67. InspectorGadget80 unregistered

Not too mention their using sony camera technology

25. supersammyfans

Posts: 26; Member since: Nov 24, 2012

Alright, not a Apple haters or a supporter, but if Apple wanted to get my money, at least please modified the iOS user interface and make it much more interesting than now, i had a iPhone 3G few year back and until i still looking at the same UI at the latest iPhone 5. This is the reason why now i having a Galaxy Nexus and Lumia 800 in my hand right now...

27. daftastic

Posts: 87; Member since: Jan 07, 2013

I would prefer if Apple stuck with their phone sizes now. This whole 5" screen fiasco is about as ridiculous as comparing e-peens. If they could fit a 5" edge-to-edge screen in a phone not bigger than the Xperia V, that would be perfect. Now about their OS, it seriously needs an update. It's been like that for almost half a decade and the icon rows could cause death by boredom if it wasn't for Jailbreaking.

28. MaineMan91

Posts: 25; Member since: Jul 26, 2012

wait..... how much you wanna bet they add some feature to the 5s thats been out for like 2 years and call it innovative SMH!!!!!

29. GeekMovement unregistered

BORING. 13mpx is nothing new. 4.8" screen is nothing new. Retina display is nothing new. Will the blind fans still follow as time goes by? The ones I know in person will... apparently nothing can stop them from being an apple fan. I will apparently be their counselor when the sad days come.

30. Luuthian

Posts: 332; Member since: Sep 09, 2011

Apple's hardware has peaked IMO. There's only so much more they're going to do with a blank slate design besides change what material it's made of. Time to focus on the UI. They've pumped a huge amount of time into iTunes look and feel... When are we going to see that same vision spread into the operating system? I honesty feel that, while the mass hysteria isn't likely to return, they would at least get some much needed recognition with a new and useful interface.

31. affandi

Posts: 85; Member since: Jan 25, 2013

Haha, I would laugh sooo hard if Apple comes up with a iPhone 5s this year. Think about it, a 4 inch 640p phone in 2013, that would be terrible even 3 years ago! (To top it off, it has the same design as the outgoing model from last year). While the rest of the manufacturers brings us sweet 5 inch 1080p phones. Thank god that 'people' are slowly starting to wake up and notice it. My point is, in 2012 people said 'Meh' to the iPhone 5, in 2013.. people will be embarrased to be seen with the 5s.

49. darkkjedii

Posts: 31073; Member since: Feb 05, 2011

No they won't. U will.

32. compaq

Posts: 8; Member since: Jan 26, 2013

i think a 0.3" upgrade to a 4.3'' screen would be better.i mean 4.3 incher is compact they must increase the res. to atleast 720p if not more.(even 720p isn't the most cutting edge now but still) about the UI well it's been a needs to be modernised.

40. darkkjedii

Posts: 31073; Member since: Feb 05, 2011

Agreed. I love the ip5 great phone but apple needs to start stepping it up year over year, and ditch the two year refresh cycle. 4.3 would b perfect, as apple tries to appeal to the mainstream with the iPhone. I have the note 2 also, and holding it is a pain in the rear. Even when I use one handed operation it's a pain, cuz the phone is so big and slippery. Putting it n a case just made it wider, and thicker... So I see y apple wants to keep the iPhone smaller, but it can b a little bigger and still b very manageable like my fianc├ęs Htc 8x, which is 4.3.

33. drzonw

Posts: 12; Member since: Jan 14, 2013

All you guys saying that the iPhone wont sell anymore since it is hardware inferior compared to all those quad core 4.5"+ phone monsters out there have to take into account that the vast majority of mobile phone customers aren't all that tech savvy and they just don't care (or even know) how many cores or how much ppi their phone has. All that matters is that to them it looks cool, it is seen as cool to have one (although probably less than earlier on) and the phone i lag-less. I do agree that what would be most refreshing is an OS overhaul, but they can't overdo it too, because their followers are used to a certain feel of it and I'm sure it could be easily ruined.

46. darkkjedii

Posts: 31073; Member since: Feb 05, 2011


70. jroc74

Posts: 6023; Member since: Dec 30, 2010

This basically sums it up pretty much. Although....did fans have a problem when OS X made UI changes? I think Apple could change the iOS UI and fans will accept it. Maybe...

118. -SEUL8TR-

Posts: 113; Member since: Jan 13, 2013

If they arnt, why did SS sell 40million S3?

38. Berzerk000

Posts: 4275; Member since: Jun 26, 2011

*SPOILER ALERT* The iPhone 5S will look exactly like the iPhone 5, it will only have a better camera and an improved processor, just like they have done for every other S version of the iPhone. iOS 7 will also be the same as iOS 6 with 200+ new "features", of which only a handful will actually be noticed! Come on guys, it's the same every year.

47. darkkjedii

Posts: 31073; Member since: Feb 05, 2011


89. Berzerk000

Posts: 4275; Member since: Jun 26, 2011

But it's true. Apple's been consistent for the past 6 years, it's fairly easy to anticipate what the next iPhone launch will be like.

58. chaoticrazor

Posts: 2347; Member since: Aug 28, 2012

but samsung seem to be doing the same thing now, just re-using the s3's design for there devices so id say if both the iphone and new samsung look the same there both been lazy. only difference is on here only apple get pulled apart for the same design where samsung get praised lol but back to topic, apple isnt stupid whatever people think they know there slipping so better bring there A game

64. PapaSmurf

Posts: 10457; Member since: May 14, 2012

There's a difference between they're and there. You should look into it sometime. On topic: Apple was completely predictable with the announcement of the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5. iPhone 5 design leaked into the internet months BEFORE it was announced and had all the specs that were leaked. Apple is bad at keeping secrets. They need to change iOS this year before the Galaxy S4, Note III, Xperia Z, Optimus G Pro, HTC Droid DNA, Lumia 920, Blackberry Z10 take complete dominance of the smartphone market across the globe.

74. chaoticrazor

Posts: 2347; Member since: Aug 28, 2012

sorry didnt know i had to get an english scholar to check my comments especially when half on here (like yourself) i doubt have the intellect to judge others anyway anyway back to the topic we all know the iphone 5 was leaked and it was a big let down.....have i said it wasnt no your just rehashing the same tired anti apple lines again. move on second i said apple arent stupid, they know there slipping. if they drop there arrogance they can still bring it all back. people who think apple will dissapear overnight are some of the worst fanboys around. again i never said they dont need to change iOS. in fact ive said many time they need to bring some big changes to it as it now looks dated. you didnt read my comment did you, you just jumped in with the usual lines. as for the galaxy s4 if they keep the design of the s3 and just modify it arent they doing what you criticize apple for doing? the only 2 phones that should make a real impact right now are the 920 (which it has) and the sony xperia Z. both companies need them too and overall there much better designed and build then samsungs offerings

80. darkkjedii

Posts: 31073; Member since: Feb 05, 2011

Well said chaotic. He needed to be checkd. By the way, I purposely left out the e so he'd spell check me.

124. gmracer1

Posts: 646; Member since: Dec 28, 2012

lol Papa...the correct spelling, for his statement, is 'their.'

79. darkkjedii

Posts: 31073; Member since: Feb 05, 2011

Exactly read the article about Sammy releasing the galaxy grand and you'll see its just a hybrid of the s3/note 2. 5 in. screen wvga resolution and 4.1.2 nothing major or innovating, but still a good device. How's it going chaotic?

48. jameshoe unregistered

Well, I heard that Nokia intend to announce third PuerView smartphone

51. BigBoss10

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53. ajac09

Posts: 1482; Member since: Sep 30, 2009

Not happening. These same rumors pop up every year because android phones already have all this and instead you get a minor update lol

59. chaoticrazor

Posts: 2347; Member since: Aug 28, 2012

nokia had a bigger camera before android whats your piont? ohh you believe android are the first with everything and apple copies. please get a grip what was the note 2 to the original note? not a giant leap was it. so just wait till you see the thing

95. Berzerk000

Posts: 4275; Member since: Jun 26, 2011

Note - 1.4 GHz dual core Exynos 4212, 1 GB RAM, 1280x800 5.3" Pentile display ~285 ppi, substitute Exynos for Snapdragon when LTE was a factor, 2,500 mAh battery Note II - 1.6 GHz quad core Exynos 4412, 2 GB RAM, 1280x720 5.5" RGB display ~265 ppi, LTE fix for Exynos 4412, 3,100 mAh battery, enhanced S-Pen with 4 times the levels of sensitivity from the OG Note and better software features. Seemed like a pretty big leap to me.

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