Holiday Gift Guide 2008 (US)

Holiday Gift Guide 2008 (US)

At around Christmas, the edifying stories and fairy tales become increasingly popular. That’s why we decided to tell you one, too. Its main character is the good old family (personal) Budget.

The Budget passes through two critical moments in the year. One of them is in the summer, when the eagerly anticipated vacation approaches and we want to spend it at some far-way destination, paying prices 2-3 times higher than the regular ones. Your spirit rejoice, your loved one is happy, your kids (if any) are euphoric, while poor Budget is slimming down as if he has been subjected to some new diet, allowing him only water and raw eggs to feed on.

However, this is nothing compared to the torment that the Budget has to endure when December arrives with its endless holidays. Then you have to make allowances not only for your better half and your kids, but also for your closest relatives and friends. In other words, towards the end of the year you have to become the equivalent of Santa Claus (without the reindeer) or a Shopping Superman, rushing to the stores accompanied by your loyal assistant, the Budget. This traditionally begins the day after Thanksgiving, known as "Black Friday".

You may be wondering what the moral of this sad story is. To tell you the truth, we are also not sure If we were heroes from  the fairy-tales we would have told you that you would be repaid for your efforts ten fold by the sparkling eyes of your loved ones, when you’re giving them your present. However, last Christmas one of my colleagues found out the painful way that his mother-in-law wasn’t a fan of ‘this particular Nokia model’ and besides, that she had mastered aikido (with walking stick elements). He had plaster all over him for a month.

In order to save you from such unpleasant situations, we decided to write this guide for you. It summarizes our experience, related to  the best  options when it comes to mobile phones – the area we’re most competent in. The suggestions on the next pages are not in any particular order, as they are not categorized or listed from best to worst. They are just list of devices which all should be a great gift. If you want to see our opinion which are the best options in the different categories, please refer to our Top Phones - Editor's Choice Guide

We hope that the next few pages will be useful for you...



1. unregistered

Yay! My pohone is on this list! (EnV2)

2. unregistered

yay so is mine! (htc touch diamond)

3. T-Money3000 unregistered

Stoked about that phone!!.... what's a pohone?....jk

8. unregistered

ooops i always mess up when typing fast lol

4. David the Gom unregistered

Yay!! They got the phone i want!! VZW Touch Pro!!! Wait, didn't VZW crippled that phone? Shame on u vzw, it's my first time regrettng that i'm with vzw... maybe i'll go with omnia...

5. David the Gom unregistered

Also the keyboard on vzw touch pro is messed up... who really would want to have letter "N" and "M" separated by stupid "Up Arrow" key?

6. EMeZY unregistered

This is seriously going to be THE WORST BLACK FRIDAY EVER!!!

7. unregistered

get the storm it is the best out there right now bar none. bring on the competition, but bb is going to knock out everyone this quarter.

9. PhoneArena Team

Posts: 258; Member since: Jun 27, 2006

We had a small problem with the article but everything is fixed now. Thanks for your feedback!

11. ageffner unregistered

Hey team, You forgot 1 phone. HTC Touch Pro (akak Diamond Pro) for Sprint. You added to the other carriers, but only had the Diamond listed for Sprint. Being as both Diamond and the Pro came out on Sprint first, only fair to have both listed on the HTC wish list for Sprint devices. Cheers, Adam

10. iff2mastamatt unregistered

I like the AT&T Quickfire. It's like the poorman's iphone. (without the $80 a month plan)

12. justinhub2003 unregistered

yay!! for g1.... i love how tmo is getting respectable phones lately... guys if you havent tried the BB storm yet and are thinking of just striaght buying it, please try it first as i checked it at the mall and did a few comparisions with my g1, its a beautiful phone and has potential but it crashed on me 3 minutes after paying with it and even after the reboot it was so slow and sluggish, especially for a blackberry, and typing on this thing is a chore, i would say i am a pretty fast typer with my thumbs and honestly it wouldnt LET me type fast, like literally u have to wait til your completey done with one letter before starting a new one, like a built in speed limit.. browser was good for a phone and now bad but honestly didnt hold a candle upt to my g1 and the my previous iphones, the page looks ok when ur in full page view mode ( where it intially takes you ) but more you zoom in to read articles, the less quality it has, as well as it not rendeing text in colums for me like my g1 ( iphone doesnt do it either) so when u read a article you have to pan left to right to read sentances... in an economic downturn, try before you buy, other wise verizon will lock u in for 2 years with a very premature OS for the storm, and wont let you have wifi even though i did a speed test with my friends verizon phone that surprisinly has wifi and wifi is 2 to 3 times faster or more than verizons 3g network

13. ItsCrhis unregistered

I'm thinking about getting either the Blackberry Storm or the Samsung CDMA OMNIA Help?

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