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Holiday Gift Guide 2008 (US)


Ataround Christmas, the edifying stories and fairy tales becomeincreasingly popular. That’s why we decided to tell you one, too. Itsmain character is the good old family (personal) Budget.

TheBudget passes through two critical moments in the year. One of them isin the summer, when the eagerly anticipated vacation approaches and wewant to spend it at some far-way destination, paying prices 2-3times higher than the regular ones. Your spirit rejoice, your loved oneis happy, your kids (if any) are euphoric, while poor Budget isslimming down as if he has been subjected to some new diet, allowinghim only water and raw eggs to feed on.

However, this is nothingcompared to the torment that the Budget has to endure when Decemberarrives with its endless holidays. Then you have to make allowances not only for your better half and your kids, but also for your closest relatives and friends. In other words, towards the end of the year you have to become the equivalent of Santa Claus (without the reindeer) or a Shopping Superman, rushing to the stores accompanied by your loyal assistant, the Budget. This traditionally begins the day after Thanksgiving, known as "Black Friday".

You may be wondering what the moralof this sad story is. To tell you the truth, we are also not sure Ifwe were heroes from  the fairy-tales we would have told you that you would berepaid for your efforts ten fold by the sparkling eyes of your lovedones, when you’re giving them your present. However, last Christmas oneof my colleagues found out the painful way that his mother-in-lawwasn’t a fan of ‘this particular Nokia model’ and besides, that she hadmastered aikido (with walking stick elements). He had plaster all overhim for a month.

In order to save you from such unpleasantsituations, we decided to write this guide for you. It summarizes ourexperience, related to  the best  options when it comes to mobile phones – the area we’re mostcompetent in. The suggestions on the next pages are not in any particular order, as they are not categorized or listed from best to worst. They are just list of devices which all should be a great gift. If you want to see our opinion which are the best options in the different categories, please refer to our Top Phones - Editor's Choice Guide

We hope that the next few pages will be useful for you...

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