Holiday Gift Guide 2008 (EU)

Phones with QWERTY

Imagine you’re a secret agent on an intelligence mission and you have discovered very useful information that you have to send to the headquarters as soon as possible. You take out your phone and you start typing in on the numeric keypad and, before you manage to send the message, the enemy gets you. Well, that’s enough fantasizing. The result would have been different, if our hero had a phone with a QWERTY keypad – then he would have sent the information much earlier. And still, even if you’re not a secret agent but you like to keep in touch with friends, then a QWERTY keypad would be something useful for you.

Ключови функции:
  • Comfortable keys
  • IM
  • Email
  • Good display

HTC Touch Pro

Nokia E90

LG KT610



1. booster unregistered

lol the n82 is from last year!

2. unregistered

and the problem is? that goes to show how good it is, i should know, i have 1!!!!!!!!!!!

3. booster unregistered

me too lol

4. unregistered

why is there no iphone?

5. unregistered

I'd like to know why there's no X1 among QWERY phones, while it has one of the best QWERY keyboards in a mobile phone, brilliant display etc. ????

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