Hmm, wonder where they got the idea from?

Hmm, wonder where they got the idea from?
These were the official shots posted on Vodafone's Storm site when it went live last night.  Hopefully Cupertino is hiring in their marketing department.

sources: Engadget and Gizmodo



1. unregistered

those images are obviously photo shop images since in the corner it says cingular and the Iphone came out after the ATT brand relaunched. You people will believe anything you read or hear....

2. unregistered

what are you talking about believing anything? its obvious that no one is believeing it because the title is Hmm, wonder where they got the idea from? and theres a reference about hiring in their marketing department. so yes to state the obvious it is obvious, good job sherlock

3. Maarek Stele

Posts: 24; Member since: Aug 27, 2008

The phone is correct, but BB has a iPhone app to MIMIC the iPhone itself. No one will be fired, someone decided to show their phone this way.

4. unregistered

does this mimic feature also mimic the cingular logo in the top left corner of the phone? i'm not doubting that the mimic app doesn't exist i'm just saying if it does those photos are still not correct

6. Maarek Stele

Posts: 24; Member since: Aug 27, 2008

the app does exist. You can install it for any Black Berry phone. A co-worker of mine has it on his BB Pearl.

5. unregistered

See how the screen shot on the right hand side covers up the word Blackberry. By days end I will check back and read all of the Blackberry and Iphone fan boys and girls comments. Should make for some interesting reading. IF IT IS PRINTED IT MUST BE TRUE!!!!. Later Tards

7. Big Moe! unregistered

All I see is wishful thinking. The Storm is going to be a huge success and fortunately this amazing phone will have a Network to back it! GO VZW!!!

8. unregistered


9. unregistered

Way to drink the kool aid, fanboy. What are you even talking about anyway? The article doesn't diss the device at all. It simply points out that some idiot actually posted images of the Storm with iphone screenshots on the Vodaphone's site. Obviously a colossal screw-up. The Storm may just be the best Blackberry ever (we'll soon find out) but those pics going up on that site is HILARIOUS!

10. unregistered

Maybe that was RIM's sneaky way of telling us the Thunder is coming to AT&T.

11. Professah unregistered

Who's to tell whether or not some one has the 9530 (Vodafone branded) and has it running on/with a Cingular/AT&T chip? I dunno...

12. unregistered

I'm looking forward to see what the Storm will offer for VZW and what applications I can get.

13. Kent unregistered

This is probably the worst Photoshop job I've seen in a while... common sense tells you the screen cant go over the Blackberry Logo......

14. Legion

Posts: 397; Member since: Dec 12, 2008

When I saw that I started laughing my a** off, someone on this site hasnt been doing there homework..............

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