History of the top five phone manufacturers


The company was established in Chicago in 1928 under the name Galvin Manufacturing Corporation. The Motorola brand appeared two years later in connection with their then produce – car radio sets. The name itself was derived from motor (motorcar) and ola (an implicit sound), or a sound in motion. The entire company was officially given this name in 1947.

For many years the company’s main produce was radio equipment, and later – transistors and computer processors. It manufactured the first commercial cell phone (announced in 1973, but released on the market only 11 years later). And this is not all, regarding their resource for novelties. In 1991 the company demonstrated a working GSM prototype. The iDEN technology, still in use by Nextel in the States, is also of their making. This was followed by the lightest phone of its time (StarTAC Wearable, 88 gr. weight, 1996), and the first ever model, supporting GPRS (Motorola Timeport P7389i, 2000).

The greatest success of Motorola in the 21st century was the launch of the cult model MOTORAZR V3. The phrase “like RAZR” is still in use today as a definition of a slim and stylish clamshell phone, made of metal. However, many are on the opinion that it was the last innovative product of the company’s telecommunications department.

In the last two years Motorola have registered serious losses and have gradually yielded their global market share to the advancing Korean giant Samsung. Some of the specialists have left the company to join Apple’s team, developing iPhone. Most financial advisers are on the opinion that Motorola has only a little time left to launch a product that can revive it. And the decision to divide the company in two in 2009 has been announced recently, as a measure to improve organization and level up the mobile sector. As for its name afterwards, it is not known yet.


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