History of the top five phone manufacturers

There’s a well-known phrase, saying 'behind every great man there is a great woman'. Along the lines of this logic, the success of the big cell phone manufacturers will involve numerous representatives of the fair sex. A good company is not born in a day – it will rather rise in the course of many years, and take the efforts of lots of people...
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1. unregistered

great review! i enjoyed this

2. unregistered

Phone Arena,,,, Very Good Job. Thanks for this type of Aritical. One Request for you. There is a system to watch TV on the mobile phone. Most probably DVH-TV. Can you explain that on your next artical. thanks in advance. Sayem

3. unregistered

Phone Arena thank you for this great historical information

4. unregistered

great job, waiting for nokia tube, it looks so great (esp in dark knight movie) heard the its going to be released in october 8th in UK. if can try a review about few best phones of all time :)

5. unregistered

I want to learn the history of Sanyo! :D

6. C-Chicki

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It was very informative. Thanks

7. surinder beri unregistered

great work phoneArena Team! Kudos to u

8. unregistered

Interesting facts, good job phonearena

9. unregistered

Good work with the article, im surprised theres no iPhone fanboys saying "but what about apple"

10. Adi unregistered

Great job. This article is among the best posts that phonearena ever release.

11. fingerling unregistered

hasnt been around as long but what about htc phones, not many others that can claim their specs and none to match touch HD

12. unregistered

HTC and Apple seems to be among the brands on that Others piece (16.4% combined market share). Well HTC used to manufacture phones for O2 so it's no wonder that their specs are among the best of the world...
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