Here's why your camera's megapixel count is less important than you think

If there's one myth that we'll never tire of debunking over and over again, it's the one concerning the "More is Always Better" mindset when it comes to smartphone cameras. "A 21-megapixel camera? Woah, quality must be crazy good!", right? No. At least not necessarily...
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90. Macready

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Still throwing in the fallacies. This wasn't about bokeh, or other factors such as DR etc. This was about resolution. No one claims a phone can replace a DSLR or will be better in every way with more MP. But with a decent jpeg engine it CAN easily outresolve a 6MP DSLR for sheer resolution. Furthermore, as posted many times, you don't need print large or a 4k display to see that difference. Cropping or digital zoom reveals that swiftly. And no, on a DSLR you're not likely to use digital zoom because you can switch lenses. But most people have used it more than a bit on their phones because you're always stuck with a wide focal length. At which point extra megapixels are your only savior. Using a bad jpeg engine in an attempt to negate that fact (such as done in this article) is just a sad excuse for spreading misinformation. 6 MP is also a fully arbitrary point. I've gone from 1 to 24 MP through the years and have appreciated every improvement, even if I rarely print large. I know the benefits of DSLR's, I've been using them for years. Completely besides the point, see above.

81. RoboticEngi

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This "article" is just showing how bug an ifan the writer is, it's almost pathetic keeping reading about iphonearena's defence of the poor resolution of the iphone. In all blindtests made this spring, everyone can point out the iphone easily because it has such a bad resolution. And to to say that resolution doesn't matter because of Facebook? Omfg, that must be the most stupid punchline I have read for years......

85. gallison1983

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Go take a picture with your smartphone and put it on your PC desktop. Then go post it on Facebook from your phone. Use your desktop and save the same jpeg and put them side by side. This article isn't about defending any phone in particular. It's basically saying, "Hey, why do I care if I shoot 20.7 MP pics if the primary way I share them is on a site that downsamples to 5 MP to accommodate billions of people sharing their food/cat/cat-eating-food pics with the Valencia filter?"

91. Macready

Posts: 1821; Member since: Dec 08, 2014

The point is "reach" since smartphones cannot house decent longer focal lengths or zoomlenses in their current form factor without trading significant amounts of light (small apertures), which is the last thing you want with small sensors.

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