Here is why Apple removed the 3.5mm headset jack from the new iPhone 7

"It was fighting for space with camera technologies and processors and battery life. And frankly, when there’s a better, modern solution available, it’s crazy to keep it around"...
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102. MrElectrifyer

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72. TechieXP1969

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First off stupid, removing the headphoen jack isnt going to make peopel go wireless. If wireless was their honest and true push, then why did they include an adapter do you can plug in the headphones it comes with into the charging port? if they were pushing for wireless, then for what the iPhone costs, they could have included those cheap looking wireless buds they are selling for $160. It literally looks like they took the original earpods and cut the cord. I think if you were in a bar, and there was a line for the mean room; and Tim Cook was standing in line and he scream out he really has to take a leak and a carp, that you would run and stand in front of him and volunteer by opening your mouth and letting him do it. if OEM's wanted to push people to use wireless headphones, then they all would ban together and work with the Bluetooth Spec creators to find a way to make audio travel over a wireless path with degrading the signal and ruin audio quality. Also working with headphone makers to increase sales so they can drop the cost. That would be pushing people to use wireless. Apple moved you from one connector to another, but you see this as Apple pushing people to wireless headphones. Apple who spent $2billion to buy Beats Audio, is to cheap to give you a nice pair Beats iBeats with the phone. Instead they keep boxing there phones with cheap $3.00 headphones made of the cheapest plastic in the world.

208. criss

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The other day, I went into an hardware store, I wanted to "buy" a hammer labeled 50$, but I thought it was too expensive, so I tried to take it for free, but the manager didn't like that. What a greedy manager. I hate him.

119. marorun

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Yeah well 400$ wireless headphone thats cant beat my 2 years old 85$ senheiser headphone is a joke. as you say wireless is the future in maybe 5-10 years when the technologie make them at a good price with good quality. right now its just a money grab move.

127. cheetah2k

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LOL wired headphones are for Audiophiles. So what you're saying is that Bose and B&O and other premium brand audio makers are wrong? They've lied to you all this time?? Farkn h3ll Take your wireless crap and get cancer and die!

166. k4ever

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B.S., wireless isn't the future until the quality is improved.

187. swh0812

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Yesterday's news? Give me a break. Bluetooth headsets are in their infancy. Four or five hours on a charge and the sound quality is worse than wired headsets, plus they cost about five times as much. And have fun paying $160 for your Airpods which will probably get lost and need a separate charger from the Iphone charger. Fanboys will try to put a positive spin on any devious thing or shortcoming Apple has!

4. shaineql

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I hate apple , but I support this, its about time we kill 3.5mm.

26. TerryTerius unregistered

It wouldn't be nearly as annoying if they had jumped to USB-C. The fact that they got rid of the headphone jack and now you have a bunch of companies making headphones that will only work with iPhones specifically isn't really a positive.

130. cheetah2k

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Apple using USB-C will never happen because they can't do a money grab on port licencing.. See USB-C is industry standard, there's no $$ to be made - unlike the Apple cash machine.. Killing off 3.5mm will just kill off iphone sales. That's Apple saying to audiophiles they don't give a fk about you! #applefailsonceagain

131. Ninetysix

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Holy crap you're dumb. You can still use your 3.5mm headphones

52. maple_mak

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If some audio brand can announce some Type-C/Lightning headphones earlier, I still can accept it.

135. james2841

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Why don't we kill AC power so that nobody can use electricity, Why don't we kill something that does not need to killed.

188. swh0812

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This isn't about moderness, if it were Apple would actually put something productive on its phone like wireless charging, multitasking, full HD screen, Iris Scanner, etc. Things actual phone companies with innovative technology already have. This headphone jack sham is all a money grab by Apple to force you into buying shoddy, $160 headphones or pay royalties for an unsightly dongle you'll have to lug around.

5. kkmkk

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they should have put 2 lightning ports in the IP7 that would justify the reason of why they want to remove the 3.5 jack " audio quality " and people would be less angry the main problem for most people is that you cant charge the phone while using a wired headphones at the same time which is a deal breaker for a lot also some people invested in a high end wired headphones and others just dont like to charge extra things in the past they didnt need to there is many problems apple created with this and the only solution they gave us " go f**k your self "

50. tedkord

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That would have been an acceptable, but kind of silly, compromise. Better than what they did.

6. Babadook

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Didn't the Moto Z do away with the headphone jack first? Also, I pray for the day when I can connect to something wirelessly but it also charges at the same time (wirelessly). One day...

74. TechieXP1969

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Why? Because they heard Apple was gonna do it. Other OEM's didn't follow yet. Am sure many will. But by the time they do, a better option will be available. For me with my Note 7. Sure I would take an adapter to plug my headphones into the USB Type C port as an option, but i still want the headphone jack for when I wont be using a wireless charger and I can still hookup.

8. OnlyTruth unregistered

The most lame and pathetic explanation ever given by any OEM!!! Like seriously?? For waterproofing, tactical bla bla,battery and OIS? How come Sony and Samsung do it? Also lets assume the iphone 7 is small... what about the plus? There's plenty of storage inside it.. As expected Apple fans will support it.. Only wise Apple fans will stick to iphone 6s..

13. palmguy

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To sell wireless earbuds with straws sticking out?

189. swh0812

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At $160 a pop and easy to lose. Just more money grabbing from Apple.

14. tedkord

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The water resistant excuse is bull. There are phones with the jack and better IP ratings.

15. gs200

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Genetic Fallacy at its finest here. Definitely sticking with Android devices now.

17. ibend

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no matter what is their excuse, it's still bad decision... (as if I care, lol...) and iPhone7Plus have plenty of space inside it

18. TechieXP1969

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They did it so they can charge you $160 for $15 headphones. They did it because Jon Ive is a big fat loser, who hasn't found any new ideas to ripoff. They did it because they have no idea what the hell they are doing. Funny how Korean and Chinese OEM's all made thinner phones with the jack in place? I do agree its old, I do agree it would be great if it was changed out for something better. But since there is nothing better, they should have kept it. The wired connection is better. Wireless headphones are not quite as ambient because of the lose in signal over the wireless path even though the distance is very short. really good wireless headphones are ridiculously priced for a tech that has been around for more than a decade. Any OEM who follows this trend is stupid. Phone dont need to be any thinner. They dont need some convoluted audio method and I personally am tired of adapters. Its good on OEM who change ports to provide adapters. But adapters are just one more pieces to keep up with. All I want is something that works and is simple. Its as dumb as a phone with stereo speakers. The reason its dumb is because phones are to small and the speakers are designed for mid and high tones. Music sounds terrible when it has no bass. Its bad because the distance between the speakers is not great enough to truly enjoy stereo sound. Also the audio from the speakers are not being evenly fired. One speakers faces you, while the other faces away from you. DUMB. Tablets with dual speakers make sense. More space in between. With exception for the iPad, the speakers are in the same location on both sides and fire equally the same. The new wireless headphones, just look like the original with the cord cut. Without the cord to weight them down, when you jog or jump, they will simply fall out. I hated these from Apple and Samsung and any OEM, because when I ride, even the slightest gust of wind blows them out your ears. Apple is so cheap. They use to give you a replacement pair of headphones at the Apple store if yours get broken. But they stopped. For a 5.00 piece of cheap tech they could provide you a free pair for as long as you won an iPhone. They didnt need to remove it. Its a bad idea and their sales are gonna suffer for it. Millions of people have standard headphone. This tiny adapter is easy to lose and replace it is $10.00. $10.00 times the 60M people who buy this phone over the next year means free pocket change for Apple. if they had put an actual DAC in the phone and attached it to the port, which would improve the quality and sound, and because the port has a wide path for data, it could drive larger speakers, that would have made it worth the change. But you arent getting that and the price of the phones went up too. LAME! Apple is gonna lose at least 20% sales year over year by their Q2 earnings call. The only thing cool is that shine glossy black. That thing looks beautiful I will give them that.

22. kiko007

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How long did it take you to write this :D?

77. TechieXP1969

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I type 75-80 WPM with mistakes. Subtract my typos and its roughly 50-55 WPM. I type numeric at 9000 keystrokes per hour.

209. criss

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I think TechieXP1969 may not be the best on the subject of economics.

27. OnlyTruth unregistered

Whoa! Okay man! Calm down! We all hate the decision..
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