Here are the first benchmarks of the Galaxy S8+ and its Exynos 8895 chipset

In completely unsurprising news, the first benchmarks of the international variant of the Galaxy S8+ may have just hit the web. Seriously, Samsung, get your leaks under control. Still, this is also possibly the first benchmark we have of the Exynos 8895 chipset, and the results are certainly promising...
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119. mikehunta727 unregistered

So you'll take the slower SoC compared to Exynos....good for you

103. jeroome86

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Come on PA. You done it again. This kind of article brings out you know who? Does anyone know a real tech expert?

125. mikehunta727 unregistered

Most folks at /Android on Reddit agree the A10 is still king even after these leaks, they realize that single core perf is still the holy grail for performance, UI thread is only still done on one core which is crucial to user experience. Most apps can't parallelize well either on all cores, but the most important factor is the about running UI operations on the main thread, which runs on one thread/core only always. No one here besides a very select few here (Tyrionlannister and few others) would understand this An app built using Android framework run all UI operations on the mainthread, these operations are critical to user experience. No matter how many cores you have you still need to update the UI on this one thread. A main thread that takes less time to do the work will result in a smoother experience. Even if the iPhone was a single core device, it doesn't need to mean it can't handle background operations well, the processor have scheduling which means they can work a little bit on each thread virtually multitasking. Some clueless folks here though don't get this at all and will say anything to affirm to themselves that Apple sucks at everything. Oh well, let them remain ignorant

140. messytyagi

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