Has AT&T sold out of its pre-order stock of the Nokia Lumia 900?

According to a source for WMPoweruser, AT&T has already sold all of its pre-order inventory for the Nokia Lumia 900 in about a day; what this means for orders placed after the launch date of April 8th is unknown at the moment...
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First Post Ever! My pre-orders are confirmed...phew! Just to be safe I ordered two through AT&T premier...AND two from my guy at the local store...looks like I am getting 4!! Oops...I will have 3 extra non contract once I decide which color I like best in person....I figure I can resell..I was guaranteed by AT&T management not to worry about upgrade/ restocking fees because they have put me through the ringer. Due to "upgrades" to local towers had to get a Microcell to use my Focus S and the iPhone in my house. It's off topic but if anyone can provide suggestions on Microcell troubleshooting that would be appreciated. Back to the Lumia! It's a beauty and it's a hugely positive sign that they are sold out. The figures are no longer posted so this is, in full disclosure..based on my memory... But I'm 99.9% sure Launch amounts were 1/2 million handsets for purchase and the same figure for the retailers. This WAS posted.... I hear a lot of people complainging the specs are in general lower than Nokia could /should've done. I think that's ridiculous....except for the smallest % of users no needs, uses and requires anything the Lumia doesnt already have. If cash is an issue and can't afford to buy a new phone when they make the next version then get out of the "newest release" catagory and get a different device. How long has it taken Apple to get the iPhone right? Typing this from an IPad2...returned my 3....wasn't worth it for me...so I am open to using whatever device /OS works best for what I am doing...and I love my toys so the more the better! If Apple is allowed YEARS to make theirs work, can't Nokia get a chance? Walmart? Really? If the Lumia were free I still wouldn't step within 100 ft of that store. I won't digress on that, and I am not an overly "political" (wouldn't be typing on an Apple device if that were the case!) buy really? That one company is responsible for so many negative socio-economic shockwaves I am amazed it's not on the news every day...but cheaper is better right? What do I need for accessories...I have Goriila Glass now...it is NOT scratch resistant so will need something. I am hoping for as naked a look as possible. Last thing.. is there ANY truth to the rumours that MS and / or Nokia are adding free incentive gifts at Lauch? WP Central said free Xbox...but that's stupid....no one gives away a cash cow for free? But a 6 month Zune pass? Realistic.... Would like to hear what you have heard?

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AT&T Declared Nokia Lumia 900 as a "hero" phone. There is a huge amount of money for "the operation rolling thunder". I belive that AT&T had quite large supply of those amazing Lumia 900 devices. Still demand was higher than they expected! It is really and I mean REALLY good news! It is time to move forward already. That retro iOS (designed early -90) and unchanged phone design with 3.5" is really getting old. At the end of the day, it is good for us, customers that there are more options. That will make sure, that no device OEM can ride with old design year after year.
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