Handwriting recognition for iPhone

Handwriting recognition for iPhone
Handwriting recognition has been available in Windows Mobile smartphones for ages, as an alternative to the on-screen keypad. Yet, it is just now that the iPhone customers receive this option. The new application is created by a Chinese developer, so it recognizes both Chinese and Latin characters. It actually works, but is still in a beta, so there are a few problems. Landscape mode doesn’t work properly (so keep it in portrait orientation) and you can’t use it in e-mails. However, those should be fixed in near future.

via Gizmodo



1. George unregistered

That is AWSOME!

2. T-Money3000 unregistered

Well, I'm not a big iPhone pusher but this IS kinda cool. Right On! Go Chinese!!

3. David A unregistered

as if the on screen keyboard didnt slow down your typing enough compared to a REAL keyboard, here is an application that will make writing even slower!

4. unregistered

The ability for this phone to to open its software to allow third party programs to innovate and help the phone grow with endless opportunity is the right step for wireless devices.

5. sweetass unregistered

This is awsome another reason to get the iPhone!

6. unregistered

It is just a smartphone NOW

7. Alexis unregistered

I'm not impressed, the VX6800 by verizon wireless as well the new 6900 have this option. You can write notes and then have it transform into normal character

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