Hands-on with the new Verizon PTT devices

Hands-on with the new Verizon PTT devices
The Casio G'zOne Boulder and Motorola Adventure are now available from Verizon Wireless, and mark the launch of their second-generation PTT service. Both devices are Mil Spec, with the Casio being the more rugged (and waterproof) of the two. Both devices feature EVDO Rev. A, GPS, microSD expansion and VCast Music and Video. The Moto has a 2.0 megapixel camera, compared with the Casio's 1.3MP shooter, and external music controls. The Casio features unique tools, such as the electronic compass and flashlight feature. The Casio comes in either orange or silver, and the silver is available sans camera.
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Casio G'zOne Boulder Specifications / Motorola Adventure V750 Specifications



1. LessthanZach

Posts: 106; Member since: Apr 29, 2008

From my experience, the boulder does not stand up to the moto. The moto's speaker is much louder and clearer, the size is nicer, the hinge is easier to operate and the most important thing: the earpiece does not sound like shit.

4. Sun-Dude unregistered

What people don't realize is the Boulder's speakers are covered with a waterproof membrane. So yes, it will probably not sound as good as the Moto, which is not rated for moisture at all. Just like everything, it's a trade-off.

10. LessthanZach

Posts: 106; Member since: Apr 29, 2008

yup. Just sad because the type V didnt sound as bad....

30. David A. unregistered

if you cant hear the audio in a phone, im sure its TTY compatable and you could always get an hearing aid. audio on the phone isnt that bad, you can hear it up to your ear fine, you just cant use speakerphone in super loud enviroments, but in that situation using a phone is stupid anyways.

2. unregistered

casio should stick to making watches

3. unregistered

both phone are good, its depend on what you are using them phone.

5. unregistered

#3 - The phone is actually made by UT Starcom. It's just branded by Casio.

42. phone lover unregistered

nope, wrong info.phone is made and manufactured by casio but just selled by ut starcom.

6. unregistered

I would rather have a phone that is waterproof just so I could throw it at someones face in the pool.

7. unregistered

@ 9 hahaahhaaha i that made me actually "lol"...made me think of the old sprint commercial.."my phones got a new security device. Really?. Yeah, try to grab it." *chucks it in his face* ...i would love to do that..imagine the laughs and time testing memory no one would forget.. "dude you remeber when we were younger and swimming are robs pool and i belted you in the face with my phone...and fractured your nose"

29. David A. unregistered

I will never forget the sprint theft deterent commercial. its true, people brag to much about there damn phones. to bad sprint sucks though

39. lol unregistered

crime deterrent...lmao

8. unregistered

#8 Actually the phone is made by LG.

11. LessthanZach

Posts: 106; Member since: Apr 29, 2008

actually, no it's not. Audiovox/UTStarcom makes it.

22. unregistered

It's made my UT Starcomm. It just happens to use the same chargers as some of the earlier LG phones ( Chocolate 8550, original enV, 8700, etc. ).

9. unregistered


12. fritos unregistered

this new ptt phones where demo in front of me in at vw store, can you say readly link?lol maybe a second or two faster! qchat and iden ptt are so much faster! vw ptt sucks!!!!!

13. unregistered

I dont know what demo you saw but I have seen both qchat and vzw ptt demoed and they seem about the same top me, u must be a sprint fanboy.

18. fritos unregistered

and you must be a vw fanboy! go to the store tell them to demo it for you and you will see! and no i have a dare thank you but i did come form nextel.

21. unregistered

You must not have read what I posted I said that I have see them both demoed, and verizon's old ptt service was faster than ready link, my experience wit ready link it was like damn near a 10 second delay.

27. unregistered

Sprint's Qchat and VZW PTT are pretty much the same thing, but Direct Connect is better than both of them.

32. JoeyStyles

Posts: 78; Member since: May 11, 2008

Direct Connect is better because it is on all of the phone look if one of the wireless company would take a hint from Nextel, PTT works because it is on every deveice so unless one of the other majors begins to release all of there devices with a PTT feature then scrap it

14. unregistered

who would admit to being a fan of sprint/nextel unless they are a pathetic turd stuck working for them because their application at Verizon was denied for lack of intelligence. ????

41. unregistered

I worked for Verizon and I am also Highly educated. I also worked for sprint prior to that and have returned to sprint. Verizon has a lot of talented people in their sales force, However they do not have a lot of the right people in management as they tend to promote shady snaky sales reps based only on their inflated numbers. After that promotion the location gets to deal with all the lies and shady things that went on ie.. charge backs and customer service issues. I dealt with that crap for a year.

15. unregistered

Funny is Sprint is talking about selling IDEN off. IDEN is garbage compared to REV-A.

26. unregistered

Wow. That's just a downright misinformed statement. As far as PTT is concerned, REV A just doesn't measure up to IDEN. If you don't believe me, look it up. REV-A PTT is a big improvement from Verizon's earlier weak attempt at PTT, but in the real world, it just doesn't work as well.

33. JoeyStyles

Posts: 78; Member since: May 11, 2008

you are right 32 but sprint is still trying to sell Iden

16. mkl4466 unregistered

To set the record straight... UTStarcom doesn't actually make any phones. They contract to other companies that actually own the factories (HTC, Pantech, Casio) just like Audiovox used to, except Audiovox used factories owned by toshiba and hyundai. A few years ago UTStarcom bought the rights to Audiovox branding. Anything that is "made" by UTstarcom is actually made by some other company but UTStarcom does all the paperwork as a liason between the carrier and the manufacturer and gets a cut of the sale. Thats why when Pantech first started making phones for US Verizon wouldn't carry them cus noone had ever heard of them VZW wanted recognizable brand names. UTstarcom got phones made by Pantech but put their label on them so Verizon would sell the handset. So the Gz'one line is made by Casio, just like they make the G'shock watches, but the g'zone boulder phone is labeled UTSC711. In the past you didn't see an HTC label on phones in the US (hence the XV6700). They weren't trying to build a recognizable brand in the US. Recently they decided to get their name known and get more US market share, so now you see the HTC label instead of UTstarcom on the high end PDAs.

17. unregistered

I think it would be cool if Motorola released a RAZR2 with the Casio Boulder specs.

44. unregistered

Motorola is coming out with the Renegade v950 - basically a RAZR2 ruggedized. Sorry just for Sprint. It does the Sprint music store and Sprint TV in addition to PTT.

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