Hands-on with the Treo 800w

Hands-on with the Treo 800w
The Palm Treo 800w has finally landed, and is quite impressively spec'd. Running Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional, it features a 320x320 pixel touchscreen and that familiar Treo full QWERTY keyboard. For high speed data the 800w has not only EVDO Rev. A but also Wi-Fi. It's smaller in all dimensions than the 700w and 755p, with a noticeably better in-hand feel. GPS and SprintTV makes the 800w truly an all-in-one device for the on-the-go professional.

Palm Treo 800w Specifications

Look for our Treo 800w review soon!



1. DeeMan unregistered

Wow, I can't believe it !!!! Palm is actually going to give the WinMo platform another shot? Windows is a great platform ... it's just that Palm doesn't do it so well ( see 700w and wx ). As a PDA, their devices are GREAT but it's a PHONE. Maybe Palm will remember that this time around.

2. unregistered

I agree, with the success of the Centro you would think that Palm would continue their own mobile OS installed on all new devices; but I guess contracts have to get cut.

3. JoeyStyles

Posts: 78; Member since: May 11, 2008

I agree, with the success of the Centro I would have released the 800w and a 800p on the same date for the same price. that would help for those people who like palm software but don't like the centro's small keypad

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