Hands-on with the Sanyo PRO Series

Hands-on with the Sanyo PRO Series
Sprint is finally poised to launch QChat, their next-generation PTT service, and for the first time iDEN and CDMA users will be able to talk to each other via Direct Connect. Sanyo is offering the PRO-200 and PRO-700 at launch, LG and Samsung will each have a unit as well with another Samsung and a Motorola to come later.

All devices feature EVDO Rev. A, which is required for Direct Connectservice. The PRO-200 is the more consumer-friendly of the two Sanyoofferings, featuring a more compact design. The PRO-700 is a MillitarySpec device that will be more popular with the traditional Nextel customerfor its rough and tumble nature. Both devices have been available inlimited markets, and unofficially Sprint is planning to launch theservice nationwide on June 15th.

Sanyo PRO-200 Specifications
Sanyo PRO-700 Specifications

Stay tuned for our full Sanyo PRO Series review!



1. unregistered


2. unregistered

why the heck would spring want to sell these ugly phones while verizon is coming out with sweet phone like the env2 and samsung glyde theyre comin out with this crap? the only have 1 qwerty keyboard phone that isnt a smartphone, they need to get more of these types of phones because they are most popular and they can make money with them.

3. unregistered

why? because people need them... otherwise these three manufacturers wouldn't make them if it wasn't. yeah it is ugly for a phone but it is for those who want to have PTT, verizon is even coming with a PTT phone of their own, it's the g'zone by casio, which is imho is even uglier...

5. unregistered

youre a moron #2, these are ptt phones. sprinT has phones like the instinct that will run circles around the glyde, which got a pretty bad review iirc. qwerty isnt all that vzw makes it out to be, you ever checked tmo and atts lineup? theres a reason there are only a handful of them

4. unregistered

check the new VZW moto thats gonna be ptt and has many military specs, still a really good looking phone, the boulder is gonna be pretty hot too

6. unregistered

I have had the distinct pleasure to use both of the phones in comparison to nextel ptt devices. The QChat phones operate seemlessly with nextel ptt and just as fast. Plust they come pre installed with sprint navigation, which imo is a neat feature to have right out of the box. The monochrome screen is also a very neat feature, yea its a little outdated but provides the customer/people who will use the phones the ability to see the screens in the brightest/darkest/harshest of conditions. To respond to the first post about not having qwerty keyboard phones, Nextel users dont text. Atleast most dont, so that would really be a mook point.

7. Phoneslinger unregistered

I don't know where you get the ugly at, these are two good looking handsets. They are first generation HPPTT and don't have the additional feature that you'll see on the 4th quarter phones.

8. unregistered

Who cares VZW and Sprints next gen PTT are almost the same thing. VZW PTT is going to have better reception all round especially rural areas. Sanyo sucks as a brand. VZW has MOTO PTT phones coming out. Go with VZW for the next gen PTT.

17. DamonO unregistered

Sanyo sucks as a brand? Wrongo. I sell Sprint and they're probably the most reliable phones that I have ever seen, compared to a Nokia. Great battery life, fairly durable and great reception. These are actually extremely durable Sanyo phones. VZW and any other carrier will have a hard time being able to match Nextel's PTT service.

22. unregistered

Ditto, 17. Sanyo is one of the most reliable brands in wireless, and they're exclusive to Sprint.

9. unregistered

Ummm #8 i really dont understand how you honestly believe Verizon is going to offer better HPPTT service than Sprint/Nextel. Do you honestly think that the #1 national PTT service is going to be worse compared to someone who hasn't been doing nearly as long??? Another note Sprint actually has 2 MOTO PTT phones that function on the HPPTT network as well as ones the function on the IDen network at the end of this quarter. Why do you think that the reception of the Verizon phones is going to be better??? Granted they have a larger networ(NOW!) but these phone only allow for PTT in EVDO Rev A areas, so rural areas are pretty much not going to be able to use the PTT, nice try though. Stick with the leader in PTT technology, not Verizon, by the way have you ever used a VZW PTT phone, i dont like waiting 5-10 seconds to connect, i might as well call with that kind of wait time.

12. unregistered

sprints rev a network is larger than verizons

13. unregistered

I didnt want to make that assumption, but i had guessed that it was. Thank you for that info though. So to respond to the later post yes sprint beats verizon in Rev A.

10. Don Louie unregistered

what other Moto ptt's besides the v950 are coming out? isn't vzw and Sprint's DOrA coverage the same, Alltel's coverage isn't thiers yet?

11. unregistered

I'm not sure about the comparison of EVDO Rev A coverage between the two carriers? As far as other MOTOS we've seen the V950 and then there's the "CABO", as its called, which is strictly IDEN. But from what i understand motorola is planning on making a hpptt pda similar to the Q9c and several other IDEN phones are in line as well. Also look for a BB Nextel/Iden phone as well. Granted these are only rumors, but motorola has consistently made IDen devices and I'm sure that they would not skip out on the benefits of hpptt. I dont think alltell had evdo rev a, and what i was saying is that since these phones require REV A, saying that Verizon's phone will have better reception is kind of ludacris. Especially when they are made by the exact same manufacturer. And prior to the Alltel merger Verizon and Sprint had nearly the same coverage, Sprint is know for having a great Data Network though. More so than Verizon.

14. Questionable unregistered

Sprints Rev A network is not larger than VZW, VZW has over 80% of their network upgraded to REV A while Sprint is in the 60% range and oh wait VZW covers over 10 million more with their network. The actual numbers are 230 million to VZW Rev A while Sprint is 220 million.

15. unregistered

both of those numbers are horribly wrong. vzws evdo network has been 100% rev a for over a year now. sprint is around 90%, but that 90% covers a larger area than vzws 100%

19. unregistered

i have verizon def dont have rev a in my area this guy is a verizon fanboy

16. BM unregistered

Sanyo is one of the best lines out period.

18. VZW Employee unregistered

Wow Sanyo phone are getting uglier and uglier...

20. C-Chickie unregistered

Thats just a visually HORRIBLE phone

21. unregistered

These phones are looking like fisher price toys, but I'm sure they're durable as they're made by Sanyo, and Sanyo has always been both reliable and durable. So where is the Sanyo Pro 900? That one actually looked like a nice looking phone, not nearly as "industrial." C'mon Sprint, keep em' coming!

23. unregistered

Here's the deal... These phones are marketed towards a certain segment of the market (like construction -- business ) that require PTT and really do not care how "pretty" or "cool" the phone looks -- it is all about functionality -- Which is ehy they chose Sanyo to make these. Also those "pretty" & "cool" cellphones probably are stolen much more often than a cell like this. This is perfect for the people it was designed for.

24. celz daddy unregistered

has verizon launched a rev a phone yet.. if so i havent heard of it.. yes at&ts 3g is technically faster and verizons network is technically bigger.. but thats in the lab and on paper.. sprint undisputedly has the fastest largest and most reliable 3g network... and dont forget sprint is well on its way to completing its 4g network it is currently running in several markets.. no other us carrier is even sure what when or how when it comes to thier 4g network

25. unregistered

I had the honor of testing these phones out (PRO-700) in my market well before the soft launch. They are unbelievably solid in your hands. They feel like they will last forever. They also have features that the PTT crowd has been having to live without until now, like broadband internet. If you get a chance to hold one you'll see what I mean. Here is something VWZ can't offer you with their new PTT--ACTUAL PEOPLE TO PTT WITH!! Because the Sprint HPPTT crosses over to the iDEN network you instantly have 19M people across the US, Canada, and Mexico to talk to.

26. MikeyB unregistered

I dont know why it's OK to make comments about a phone's appearance. If You don't like it, don't buy it. I don't like pink phones so I don't comment on them. Sanyo makes great phones and some of us adults just want great phones, thanks. I've actually been waiting for the 700 to come out to use as my home phone and I just want something solid and reliable, thank you.

27. unregistered

Who cares what the phone looks like if you're using it for work? Sanyo is one of the most durable phone manufacturers in the game, period. I agree with the few people on here with common sense...if you don't like it, don't buy it. It's not like the good folks over at Sprint and Sanyo are holding a gun to your heads...geesh!

28. warpid unregistered

Hell, I think they are nice. I've had one over 3 years now with not problems. I have bounced it on the cement several times, can hear the ringer and I really like it. and you get over 4 hrs of talking on one battery, over a week with no talking, just on. I am going to buy another today too.

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