Hands-on with the Samsung Instinct

Sprint's uber-phone is set to launch Friday and aims to take on the iPhone head-to-head...
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27. unregistered

I've asked Sprint reps what type of touchscreen it is whether is pressure sensitive like the Voyager or like the iPhone sensitivity (can't remember the proper names for these different types) and of course all the Sprint reps say is "It's way better then the iPhone!!"... Does anyone actually know what type of touchsreen it is?....

28. unregistered

Its touchscreen is pressure sensitive this why it also comes with a stylus, for the off-chance you might want to use it. The iPhone has a capacitative screen I believe, which uses electric stimuli from your finger. Apparently a bunch of people say that the touchscreen works really good and is very responsive, I think Samsungs technology is better in this field than LG's Voyager is.

30. unregistered

Ok I hope so I'm actually switching from an iPhone and I've used pressure sensitive ones and been pretty disgusted with how they work. I've herad good things about Samsung just never owned one. Hopefully I won't be dissapointed with the sensitivity, because after using my iPhone and how sensitive it is this may be totally different....

34. unregistered

It's Sprint...you'll be extremely disappointed. Set the $175 ETF money aside; you'll need it in a couple months.

35. Jole555 unregistered

Does anyone know if the phone does Rev. A??? Or just Rev.0???

36. unregistered

The phone actually does Rev. A

37. BASS FISHER unregistered

Well it actually EVDO REV.A

38. unregistered

So its out and I have it in my hand, and this is just typical sprint BS, you cannot activate the phone unless you go with the new "simply everything plan" because i do marketing for sprint i have a special rate and would have to opt out to use this phone. Becareful if you try to buy one off ebay and dont want to change you plan because i have to talked to alot of people pretty high up at Sprint and they say that this is going to be the policy for this and most new PDA/Smartphones coming out for sprint.

39. unregistered

you can choose other plans besides the simply everything, there is the everything plans which come in 450 or 900 minutes. than there are talk/message/data share (family) plans starting at 129.99 for two phones and 1500 minutes and also 3000 minutes for 169.99 for two phones. these plans all include unlimited data, text, navigaion, tv, mms, basically anything it can do is included unless your buying music of the sprint store or buying movies of off sprint tv.

40. mista M.A.G. unregistered

Phone is awesome!!!!!!!!! We just got in a trning class for it and they passed it around. Even txting when its not in landscape mode is easy, and i have big fingers and it didnt messs up once! Accessing everything was quite easy. Very User friendly. Oh yea and I accessed the insanely fast web. And when you hold down the camera button while viewing a web page, you can turn it to the side and it'll scroll with you like the ps3 controller. Very awesome! cant wait to get it!!!!!!

41. danger215 unregistered

Question...does the instinct have T9 capabilities? I have had mine for about two weeks and I am a T9 whore. I can do without it but it's hard to break a habit...does anyone know if the option for t9 is there? As far as i know it isnt.
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