Hands-on with the MotoRAZR VE20

Hands-on with the MotoRAZR VE20
Motorola just won't let go of the RAZR, and the MotoRAZR VE20 is the latest to carry the moniker. Though it's bloodlines are unmistakable, the VE20 is narrower than the original and incorporates several upgrades. The outside display features a touch-sensitive strip like the V9m, and internally it is upgraded to QVGA. It also upgrades to a 2.0 megapixel camera and 3.5mm headset jack. The narrower profile makes the device easier to hold in the hand, and the QVGA allows for a much crisper viewing experience. Other features include microSD expansion, Bluetooth, SprintTV, Radio and Music Store.

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MotoRAZR VE20 Specifications



1. unregistered

Motorola needs to improve. They need a 360 degree change. They need to hire new designers, new technology people. Why can't they change the look on their phones? every time a new phone is announced or released, it has the same keyboard, the same style. Shame, shame, shame.

2. unregistered

just becaues the keyboard is made from metal, doesnt make it the same. it has a totally different designed keypad than the razr. There are many phones with metla keypads out there. it makes them seem more high end. And this phone has a large enternal display with a touchscreen. I dont see why people complain so much about motorla. It doesnt really even look like the razr.This one has a mostly glossy front screen while the origonal razr was mostly metal on the front. The back of this phone looks awesome with the laser etched backhousing. This does not really look like a razr other than the thin profile and similar build materials

8. unregistered

360 degrees would be exactly back where they are. do me a favor and go back to 5th grade. (180 degrees i would agree on) idiot!

11. Elegia unregistered

Motorola is an excellent company. One of my first, and my very favorite, handsets was the Motorola StarTac. It felt really good in the hand, it did everything I needed it to, there was no chance of me pushing the buttons because it was a flip... I loved it! Since then, I've had a number of different phones, and nothing has compared to the StarTac in feel, but of course there have been many upgrades in technology. I so wanted to love the RAZR when it first came out. It was thin, new & had excellent marketing. However, when it arrived I HATED it. It's too light (a plus for some), it feels like a piece of driftwood in my hand. Also, it's too wide. I also didn't like the sound quality. So I waited... I got Helio... When the VE20 came out I didn't even notice it. It's grey, the picture on Sprint's website has an NFL logo...but when I picked one up & held it at Best Buy, I realized that it was time to go back to Moto. I've only had mine for a couple of days, but I love the feel (if feels like my StarTac) , the metal keypad is nice, both screens (inside & out) are big & clear, the 2.0 mp camera takes great pictures & the outside touch screen is very responsive. Give RAZR a chance...the VE20 is fantastic!

13. johntkong

Posts: 8; Member since: Jan 08, 2009

you beat me to it :)

3. unregistered

This phone absolutely smokes most of Sprint's mid range line up. I've played with it, and it's software is snappy and functional. If you line this up next to a Sanyo Eclipse, or Samsung M520 it is a much better phone dollar to feature. In fact, this phone is modestly comparable to the V9m. Stop hating on Motorola. You guys are nuts. Sprint can't get European phones and as far as american CDMA goes this a a quality handset. Fanboys, grow up and think about it carefully.

6. unregistered

um, no. moto has proven time and time again that they put out crappy products and shine them up to look good for the first few months before the shit hits the fan. not to mention that their product line is incredibly stale. this should have been what came to sprint instead of the v3m, nearly two years ago.

9. unregistered

this comment is left by an obvious jack ass. s/he probably thinks t-mobile is amazing releasing 2g phones. what a dumb ass.

4. unregistered

I'm on VZW (for the record). My fiancee owned a V9m. If the build quality is even close, it'll be a tank. The V9m is as close to the quality of the legendary e815 as I have seen. My fiancee's V9m finally met it's fate. It took over 9 months of toddler abuse (teething), a dip into a sink full of water, a iced tea spill, and countless falls. It almost seems like the G'Zone torture tests, lol. I hope, for Sprint's sake, this handset is close in quality.

5. unregistered

Moto needs some new management with different visions. They had something going but have failed to really evolve it into anything new. Noone wants to see the same phone slightly tweaked year after year after year.

7. C-Chicki unregistered

Will moto just let the Razr die? PLEASE, for everyones sanity

10. unregistered

Enough with the "let the RAZR die" bullcrap. You people are morons. If the damn things weren't selling, then Motorola would obviously stop making them. Obviously they are still selling. I deliver the mail and I see many people with RAZR's everyday, no matter what carrier they are using. People like them for a reason, whatever it may be. What are you going to do, tell Honda to stop making the Accord just because you don't like it??

12. unregistered

I just got the motorazrVE20, I like what it offers an the look. I'm not to happy at all about the fact that I can not use my microSD card, in the since that i have tons of music on it some clips an some the whole song for the purpose of a ringer i.d./contact i.d... I jus think that totally sucks. My e815 i miss it, it was a GREAT tough phone, had know problems or bogus on-line shit to deal with...I like having songs for ringer i.d's, i know who's- who by the song, don't even hav 2 look @ the phone....Is there anyone who is able to personalize there contacts i.d ringer, and i don't mean tones, but i do mean tunes from music that u picked out from your microSD card.??? If so how?

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