Hands-on with Sanyo S1

Hands-on with Sanyo S1

The Sanyo S1 is an entry-level handset featuring Bluetooth 2.0 and 1xRTT web access. It is aimed at no-frills users who just want a high quality phone without any extras. Being a Sanyo, it has a fantastic speakerphone and the build quality is top notch. The phone is coated in soft touch paint, and its thin design makes it easy to both hold and slide away in your pocket. The S1 is available now though Sprint’s indirect channels.



1. shard43 unregistered

I like the "slide to unlock" feature. :-D (Its on the back)

2. sinfulta unregistered

The slide to unlock "feature" as you call it. Only unlocks the back panel on the phone to access the battery. I wouldn't really call this a "feature" since it has nothing to do with the OS, and it's not something someone would use everyday.

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