Hands-on with Samsung M520

Hands-on with Samsung M520
The Samsung M520 marks the return of the traditional slider to Sprint. Slim and silver, the M520 will replace the M510. The two phones share almost identical features, including a 1.3 megapixel camera, microSD expansion, EVDO high speed data and stereo Bluetooth. Like the UpStage and Katana DLX, the M520 is able to hide the media player, allowing the user to listen to music while still surfing the web, sending text messages and when phone calls come in the music will pause. The M520 is available now from Sprint.

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1. Enema unregistered

those are about the gayest phone i've ever seen in my life. I guess it is spring though, what can you expect from a phone company about to go bankrupt. Soon enough Verizon will own Sprint, Sprint and Nextel will both be done forever, and then AT&T will go under. Disagree with me??? Go sniff some more pickles you bloody wankers.

2. Tiger Uppercut unregistered

I dont dislike samsung, but I do dislike sprint for personal reasons unacceptable to preach on this childlike website. Whats with all these pickle sniffing threats?

3. FerneyZan unregistered

I dont have any issues with this phones at all, the problem is that they are under the wrong Carrier.. hehehe!!

4. unregistered

i have the upstage and its double sided so that s pretty tight. my mom has the m520 but the problem with that is its kinda big and unfasiony, or bulky

6. unregistered

you dont no what your talking about the m520 is cool and looks better than that upstage that m520 is tite

5. unregistered

Best Phone ever!

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