Hands-on with Samsung BlackJack II

Hands-on with Samsung BlackJack II
The Samsung BlackJack II, successor to the BlackJack, has been released. It’s more of a business oriented phone that continues on the form factor of the BlackJack. Improvements have been made, the camera is now 2 MP, tri-band UMTS support, ROM and RAM have increased to 256 and 128MB, a new processor, and it now sports Windows Mobile 6.0 Standard Edition, all while managing to keep the size from increasing. Has Samsung managed to outdo itself? Stay tuned for our review to see.



1. unregistered

WOW this color looks better than the black. !@#$, I should have waited for this color.

2. unregistered

You have got to be kidding me. Black is the only way to go.

3. unregistered

hehe thats a pimpin color man.... its very nice

4. Gib unregistered

Lol I was so confused by the Blackberry 8310 video til i noticed the little text "advertisement"

5. unregistered

this wine red one is much better than the black - it has the matte textured back, and doesnt get all greasy and smudged like the shiny black one!

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