Hands-on with Nokia E90

Hands-on with Nokia E90
We got our hands on Nokia’s most advanced smartphone – the E90 Communicatior. Successor of the 9500, the E90 has the functionality of the N95 when it is closed, but when you open it, it has huge display with 800 pixels resolution and big QWERTY keyboard for messaging on the go. As it is based on Symbian S60, the E90 can use the application written for other Nokia smartphones and is not limited as in the past.

Straight out of the box, it is ideal for internet browsing thanks to the resolution of the display, which allows you to read a page with a minor scrolling. For high-speed data helps the WiFi and the HSDPA.

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1. Mikko unregistered

In Australia this fone has not been released, i got it from hong kong though and works with all networks i have tested it with. By all means this fone is the best fone i have used, compared to n95 it beats it in every aspect especially battery i have had it for 3 weeks and i am only charging it every 3-4 days and the battery is always over 3/4 full when i need to charge it and i use gps, mp3 player office documents and much much more, and the only thing that n95 beats it is the camera end of things, so far the best fone out there to date... NOKIA ROCKS !!!

2. unregistered

i'm leaving this site due to the pop ups. so invasive

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