Hands on with Nokia 7900 Prism

Hands on with Nokia 7900 Prism
If you are interested in phones with stylish and innovative design then you should take a look at new Nokia 7900 Prism. Similar to Nokia 7500, which is the first of the Prism-series, 7900 has extravagant shapes resembling a diamond. The newer 7900 is from a higher class and features slimmer design, aluminum housing and greater functionality. In order to impress people with different tastes, the phone has choice of 49-colors, in which the service lights (at the top) and the keypad can be lit.

Otherwise, it is similar in functionality, using the Series 40 interface, but thanks to the quad-band GSM and dual-band 3G UMTS it is usable worldwide.

Expect our Nokia 7900 Prism Review soon.



1. Persia unregistered

Hey This phone looks amazing

2. ??? unregistered

looks cool, and the lights!

3. unregistered

Anyone know if the front cover can be replaced, my daughter dropped hers and it's now shattered!

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