Hands-on with LG Viewty

Hands-on with LG Viewty
We got our hands on the LG Viewty, the 5-megapixel beauty that reminds of the Prada but has more advanced functionality. It keeps the same 3” 240x400 pixels display but now can be touched with objects different than a finger as it is not activated by electricity but by physical touch. The interface is also similar but the camera and the camcorder are moved to the next level. So is the HTML internet browser, which thanks to the HSDPA data loads the pages fast.

Expect or LG Viewty Review soon!



1. verizon? unregistered

is this phone going to come out for verizon?

23. unregistered

its a gsm phone but its also wcdma so it can be brought over to verizons network. i work at verizon and have heard of it being in the works and have been told that it may be out as soon as 1st quarter of 09

2. unregistered

nope, it is GSM ...

3. jvillan unregistered

we (verizon) may get it if vodafone get this phone theres a high chance verizon get it. we still have to convert it frm gsm to cdma but its possible dnt hope 100% on it but will see! lol

4. shard43 unregistered

Does that camera have autofocus and a real xenon flash like the Sony Ericsson K800i?

5. Shawn unregistered

Don't expect new tech from Verizon. "Yesterday's technology today -- Verizon Wireless."

6. kin_zda_dza unregistered

Verizon has a good network coverage as their antennas are everywhere, since they started earlier than GSM in the US. But, Verizon's CDMA standard is becoming old. GSM will rule.

7. iconic unregistered

CDMA is old, GSM will rule? Do you know anything about technology at all? GSM will be outdated way before CDMA. TO answer the question because of the feature set on this phone don't expect a realease of a US CDMA carrier until battery life can be inmproved with a CDMA/EVDO or CDMA/WiMAX chipset. The closest device is the LG VX-10000 or Voyager with a 2 megapixel camera but sports a QWERTY keyboard instead.

8. DOUG A. unregistered

He might not but I do know iconic. if you know some about cel tech.. tell me why GSM and it evolutions in 3G ( WCDMA, UMTS, HSDPA, HSPA ) are use for more than the 70 % of the cell carriers in the world....??? BTW the biggest CDMA carrier in the US is considering to adopt LTE for 4G wich is a GSM asociated

9. CDMA is not old unregistered

actually CDMA is not old... i think you are thinking about TDMA?

10. wow unregistered

the reason why the rest of the world uses GSM is because it's dirt cheap to run and install cell sites. GSM can only be upgraded so much. The reason why the US uses CDMA is because it's possibilities of being upgraded is virtually unlimited amd it's insanely secure.

11. 4EN[sic} unregistered

Verizon rules in the US. Hands down. GSM will not win in the end. In the rest of the world maybe, not here. Verizon has spent too much money on it's cdma network.

12. unknown unregistered

GSM rules. At least i can buy an unlocked phone. CDMA sucks ass.

13. whitman unregistered

and then somebody can steal your unlocked phone and put their simcard in it. not with verizon. lol

14. Franklin Tummy unregistered

It's obvious that Shawn that posts all of his negative, and ignorant comments, on this website must have gotten fired by VZW, or maybe he went swimming with his phone and they wouldn't give him a new one. He has to steal quotes like "Yesterday's technology today" from other female "post-ers" on the different threads as well. He is still mad that he bought his I-phone and now VZW is coming out with a better product, or maybe he still thinks his sidekick is cool!!!

15. QuickeSilver unregistered

If Verizon's CDMA rules in the US why are they considering switching to a LTE(long term evolution) which is part of the GSM upgrading path? Not trying to bad mouth Verizon here just wondering.

16. newbie unregistered

It seems that instead of complaining you should get your facts straight. Verizon WILL be switching to GSM under the LTE platform (LTE is a progression of GSM's UMTS platform). http://www.engadget.com/2007/09/21/verizon-dumps-cdma-for-gsm-based-lte-in-4g-networks/

17. 7vnt unregistered

im not here to take sides. just wanted to say verizon is considering lte because of vodafone who also joined the wimax forum along with japans docomo who developed wcdma. the reason im saying this is because WIMAX is a very BIG possibility. also because so many top cell phone makers along with intel,samsung,motorola to name a few are all betting on WIMAX.wich is being deployed right now. and should be avilable to the public in 2008 vs.LTE,UMG ect from 2009-2015? LTE wich is a little faster but will take to long vs.WIMAX wich is here now is cheaper and uses less towers and can be upgraded to be faster or at least the same speeds as LTE.WIMAX is more economical for every one....please dont get me wrong im not here to take any sides im just saying. its really up to the person what is best for them. Not every body is going to agree on everything.

18. Zach unregistered

I'm sorry to the peeps who think GSM is newer than CDMA, maybe you need to take some training. CDMA is newer and also has 8 times the call capacity per channel. Verizon is launching our new holiday line up and though we ARE a little slow in our PDA launching, our standard phones are some of the best selling phones across the board (Chocolate, EnV, Lg 9400, Lg 8300). In the end, what it comes down to is when your car is broken down in BFE, will your phone get reception to save you from hitchhiking? I will take our slow pda launching any day compared to not being able to call out where I need to with t-mobile and sketro POS.

19. unregistered

LTE isn't GSM. it's 4g and it's LTE because it has technology in it which is base on CDMA just like WCDMA. Because GSM is old and out date the upgrade path has to incorporate other technologies. so saying verizon is going LTE doesn't mean Verizon = At&t or anything stupid like Verizon is GSM. it's a 4th generation technology which takes the best of both worlds and combines them to get the optimum out come and because it's not compatible with either 2g or 3g network a lot of the carriers around the world are working together to adopt one standard.

20. unregistered


21. soph unregistered

i hav this fone in pink it roks

22. unregistered

yes sprint is on the big move to its wimax services and everyone wil be getting on the cdma rather then gsm

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