Hands-on with HTC X7510 Advantage

Hands-on with HTC X7510 Advantage
If you remember Pocket PC HTC X7500 Advantage, which was released on the market last year, now meet its successor the HTC X7510.

The new model was introduced at MWC 2008 and it is equipped with 16 GB flash memory (only 8GB in X7500) and the latest version of the Windows Mobile OS (6.1). The processor, the RAM and ROM memories, including the 5” display have remained the same. Of course, you’ll still have WiFi, Bluetooth and fast UMTS/HSDPA at your disposal.

HTC has slightly changed the design, but the dimensions are still big and scary at first. The keyboard has suffered some modifications as well, being now slimmer, with the buttons flat and almost touching each other, meanwhile, in X7500 they are protruding and there is reasonable distance between them.

Expect our full review soon!



1. unregistered

That is really cool I want one, can't wait to see how much it'll cost.

6. DeeBee unregistered

You can pre-order it at expansys.com. The price is ...£729.95 ~ $1425 :D. Wow!!!

2. unregistered

Wow! This is Wicked Cool! It seems like a perfect size! Wonder How much better it is than the Shift!

5. unregistered

it is worse

3. irsuv

Posts: 18; Member since: Apr 10, 2008

I've been eyeing this phone sence it came out. You will probaly have to re-morgage your house to afford this. No company has picked it up that i know of.

4. dreek unregistered

iphone sucks htc rules. ps the x7510 is the bomb

7. Simdes unregistered

I worked with this phone for a week... slow... huge... laggy... ineffective as a phone... + the keyboard and touchscreen have horrible response. I'd never buy this, even if they'd give it to me as a gift.

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