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Hands-on with BlackBerry Storm

0. phoneArena posted on 20 Nov 2008, 01:13

The eye of the Storm is almost upon us and we are bracing for its impact! The first BlackBerry with a touch screen packs plenty of options in a well looking body...

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posted on 20 Nov 2008, 13:15

30. (unregistered)

go to endgadget and read the review

posted on 20 Nov 2008, 15:07

37. vzfanboydweebs (unregistered)


posted on 20 Nov 2008, 16:42

44. (unregistered)

you spelled grammar wrong.

posted on 20 Nov 2008, 18:42

55. ME (unregistered)

no its spelled GRAMMOR

posted on 20 Nov 2008, 19:45

60. (unregistered)

I got to play with one a few days ago and was pretty disappointed, laggy..the accelerometer sucked and it kept freezing up, but the launch versions came in today and it was MUCH better, all the problems I had encountered seemed to be corrected. I'm sure its not perfect but def glad they pushed it back to fix those things.

posted on 21 Nov 2008, 01:35

76. (unregistered)

lol omg..

posted on 20 Nov 2008, 09:13

15. (unregistered)

The article mentioned a unlock code that could be provided after 60 days for the sim card. I have been playing around with it and I was suprised to see It showed I had reception from at&t and tmobile, does this mean that you would be able to roam on gsm in the U.S.??????

posted on 20 Nov 2008, 09:14

16. (unregistered)

no it uses over seas GSM signal, but here in the US it is locked down to work only with CDMA .

posted on 20 Nov 2008, 09:20

17. (unregistered)

So when they said "Unlock" it are they reffering to the capability to work outside the U.S.?? You have to wait 2 months to go global. I dont believe that. As I said, If you go to the network options you can see AT&T coverage and Tmobile, of course they are locked, but that is my question. Will unlocking the sim card allow you to roam on gsm in the U.S.?? Im looking for someone whos actually used one, not just from what they read on phonearena.

posted on 20 Nov 2008, 10:32

20. (unregistered)

according to all my trainings i honestly believe it means before it can be unlocked for us gsm usage... Considering it has a one month worry free promotion(as do all verizons phones) two months would put it outside the policy and you would be forced to pay a cancelation. It would force someone to try and use verizon service if they wanted the phone and not just buy it and use it on say att

posted on 20 Nov 2008, 10:42

22. (unregistered)

Sweet, that was what I was looking for. So this phone can use both GSM and CDMA in the us?? That is awesome and automatically makes this the best phone for getting coverage.

posted on 20 Nov 2008, 11:08

23. (unregistered)

I have one and I SAID NO

posted on 20 Nov 2008, 11:36

26. (unregistered)

Well I guess that settles it then, since you know EVERY aspect of the device and obviously know more than RIM rep's. Did you read the article? It said after TWO MONTHS it would be unlocked. Of course you cant use it now. I have one and I SAY YES!

posted on 20 Nov 2008, 10:37

21. (unregistered)

So here is the down and dirty on the device. The SurePress is crazy but after like 5 you love it. The screen is touch sensitive and press sensitive, let me explain. When you glide over the screen with your finger the screen lights the selected area blue pressing down causes the screen to actually click down. this achieves thee TOUCH CLICK that everyone kept hearing about. now the cool part is that when you are doing something on the web you dont want to zoom in and out all the time just to select a hyperlink with it having the dual reaction to either one type of touch or both you can select then click and it is so much more acurate than the LG Dare, Instinct, Omnia...take your pick. Blackberry has really outdone themselves. Now, as for the "exposed circuitboard" ANY PHONE THAT DIDNT HAVE A SOLID LAYER ON THE KEYPAD...U GUESSED IT...HAD AN EXPOSED CIRCUIT BOARD. this wasnt a problem when i was using it the area is minimal and doesnt seem like it will be a burden at all. The 3.2 MP camera is awesome of course and works will in either pic or vid mode. plus another thing BB did is seperate the SMS and MMS from the email and PIN messages. Now the cool thing about the phone is i played Iron Man and Babylon A.D. both in a converted format using Media Manager (which comes with the phone along with the SIM and 8GB Memory Card) AMAZING SOUND AND PICTURE QUALITY it absolutely nailed the bit rate for both. I do not work for BB or own one YET =] I was for the longest time just a techie and regular VZW user then landed a job there so I gotta say to all the "haters" do like the other guy said find what works for you with what you do and knock off all the drama and immaturity because i will bet money that the effin' CEO's probably golf together or some crap like that and dont care who's "got more bars" as long as wireless is successful and they stay paid.

posted on 20 Nov 2008, 12:43

27. vzw fanman (unregistered)

i think the storm will be a very successfull phone. it looks wicked sweet!

posted on 20 Nov 2008, 13:09

28. jrcrow (unregistered)

for the commentator who worked for ATT and VZW..umm..I think u forgot Sprint bud!..compare 3g coverage of VZW n Sprint..same coverage..cheaper price..3g is 3g is 3g is 3g..for bout $20-$30 less a month..family's have best plans!

posted on 20 Nov 2008, 14:47

34. vzw fanman (unregistered)

are you joking me dude! compare sprint's northeast coverage to verizon and verizon wins by a landslide!!!

posted on 20 Nov 2008, 16:22

41. (unregistered)

all verizons data is rented from sprint. #28 is right about 3g coverage.

posted on 20 Nov 2008, 16:34

42. vzw fanman (unregistered)

i dont understand. if sprint has no voice coverage how can they have 3g coverage? verizon has much more voice coverage than sprint in ny, so how can verizon rent it from sprint?

posted on 20 Nov 2008, 19:57

61. (unregistered)

renting from sprint? Didnt they just sell off like $600 million in towers because of financial troubles just to turn right around and rent them back??

posted on 20 Nov 2008, 20:18

62. (unregistered)

your data services is totally diffrent from voice. HELLO thats why 3g coverage is not the same as voice look at a coverage map.

posted on 20 Nov 2008, 20:19

63. (unregistered)

it was only 1,260 to be exact.

posted on 20 Nov 2008, 13:22

31. TequilaMokingbird (unregistered)

This will be successful mainly because it's the closest thing to an iPhone that Vz will likely get for a long time. I know a ton of people who really secrectly want an iPhone, but not at the expense of having to bail on Vz for ATT. They'll buy the Storm and tell their friends, 'oh yeah, it's pretty much as good as the iPhone. No, the browser isn't that bad. No, I don't miss wifi at home and work. The clicky screen? well, you get used to that in a week.' Secretly, they'll still long for the real thing, but it'll be good enough for those who can't or won't change networks.

posted on 20 Nov 2008, 15:08

38. (unregistered)


posted on 20 Nov 2008, 15:38

39. (unregistered)

and to mr TequilaMokingbird ,, r u serious,, name one thing this phn cant do that the iphone can,,,??? hm waiting -----um gd... just wat i thought no answer for that but i can name plenty of things that the iphone cant do ,, but first lets start with the 3g coverage,, vzw 85% vs att 50%,,, so no need for dumbass wifi... .wifi is too support a terrible network and for ppl who cant afford a internet capable phn,, y buy a v12 when u cant afford the gas hahaha ... hmm no brainer,, ok now lets try pix and video msg,, storm can send up to 30 second clips,, it can be insured,, apple cant,,, bluetooth stereo,, it has a video recorder,, u can customize w/ no limitations,, vzw cant stop u from getting any app that the phn is compatible with,, so possibilities are unlimited,, by but far the iphone is a phenomenal device not hating on apple,, just tired of silly idiots that think the iphone is GOD,, there are plenty of devices that are just as gd,, there is phone called iriver,, the lg prada 2 releases shortly and also the touch pro ,, com'n ppl get a life a mature a lil bit ok im done...lol

posted on 21 Nov 2008, 12:39

80. (unregistered)

take your own advice homo

posted on 20 Nov 2008, 14:17

33. (unregistered)

You dont need wifi.

posted on 20 Nov 2008, 17:00

50. (unregistered)

dont need it it, but its good to have if you wanna up the speed some. no the regular signal is not as good as wifi, never will be.

posted on 20 Nov 2008, 14:51

35. (unregistered)

Funny how people still think verizon is the most reliable network. If they were smart they'd know that statement is just sayin that they have a backup generator. All carriers do. On point the storm is nice but honestly how many freakin touch screen phones do we need? Can I just get a phone that works well...iphone poop instinct poop bold poop storm meh nothing to get your panties wet about. Mayaswell carry an asus epc does all the same things they all CLAIM to do but end up not doing.

posted on 20 Nov 2008, 14:59

36. vzw fanman (unregistered)

haha lol. verizon is the most reliable! especially during hurricane gustav. verizon showed to have cell service nearly 100% running while others werent even close!

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