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Hacker Comex of JailBreakMe fame shown the door at Apple for curbed enthusiasm

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Hacker Comex of JailBreakMe fame shown the door at Apple for curbed enthusiasm
Remember that guy Comex who contributed a lot to the advancement of mankind by creating the simple JailBreakMe solution to free your iPhone from the shackles of Cupertino?

Well, then you must remember he actually got an internship with Apple last year, and the future seemed bright for him, as he was able to constantly point out exploits, and circumvent Apple's software engineers efforts to patch them up.

Long story short, yesterday he tweeted that he has been shown the One Infinite Loop door, in his own words: “So…no point in delaying. As of last week, after about a year, I’m no longer associated with Apple. As for why? Because I forgot to reply to an email.

That little incident with Comex shows once again that established corporate culture is not for the free-spirited hackers, as it dawned very clearly on Mark Zuckerberg not long ago as well - appearing with hoodies on IPO pitches with Wall Street bankers made him lose quite a few billions of the virtual wealth his stock option represented in the beginning. 

In a follow-up interview Comex said that the email he forgot to reply to in the given timeframe was actually an offer to extend the internship into permanent employment, and such a lack of enthusiasm is apparently frowned upon pretty strongly at Apple.

source: Forbes

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