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HTC wants to dominate the smartphone market... in Myanmar

0. phoneArena posted on 14 Jan 2013, 07:48

There's no denying that HTC's smartphones are nice and all, but recently, the company has not been making enough money out of them. In fact, HTC just announced its worst profits figures in 8 years, meaning that adequate changes to its business operations perhaps should be made. Could the upcoming push of HTC smartphones on the market in Myanmar be the solution? Probably not, but the company may be onto something as the poor Asian country is steadily opening its economy to foreign investors...

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posted on 14 Jan 2013, 07:56 9

1. RaKithAPeiRiZ (Posts: 1488; Member since: 29 Dec 2011)

thats like Apple wanting to dominate the market in Somalia

posted on 14 Jan 2013, 11:26 2

11. MeoCao (unregistered)

Running away from SS can lead HTC to new frontiers :)

posted on 14 Jan 2013, 08:41 8

2. itiswhatitis (Posts: 423; Member since: 23 Jan 2012)

That's because HTC CEO was born in a town call Mandalay in Myanmar and now the country is open for business I think he's trying to do something good back there.

posted on 14 Jan 2013, 08:55 2

3. Dastrix (unregistered)

It's nice to see a smartphone company care by allowing users to type in their native language, a feature so often overlooked nowadays. With the mid-range smartphones, availability of this feature will be much appreciated.

posted on 14 Jan 2013, 08:58 1

4. TBomb (Posts: 846; Member since: 28 Dec 2012)

in my opinion, if HTC wants to dominate in any market, they're going to need better battery life on their phones. Had 4 different rezounds from them and each one last less than 10 hours with 4g/3g/wifi off.

posted on 14 Jan 2013, 09:02

5. frydaexiii (Posts: 1475; Member since: 01 Dec 2011)

lol, Yup, starting small again...

posted on 14 Jan 2013, 09:19

6. quawy2013 (Posts: 14; Member since: 14 Jan 2013)

To late HTC your phones are crap

posted on 14 Jan 2013, 09:35 1

7. AfterShock (Posts: 3698; Member since: 02 Nov 2012)

Focus, and they lost it.
Poor vision, slow updates and little short comings on their behalf is why this is my last HTC.

posted on 14 Jan 2013, 09:51 1

8. xtremesv (Posts: 298; Member since: 21 Oct 2011)

Repeatedly I have said HTC needs a more global approach if they want to survive but certainly Myanmar is not what I was talking about.

posted on 14 Jan 2013, 10:28

9. gwuhua1984 (Posts: 1237; Member since: 06 Mar 2012)

That's one of the things I like about HTC. They have Chinese input on all their phones, and I need it to talk to the people outside the country. Myanmar seems like a good choice, I once received an partnership offer for a venture to create/strengthen cell market there.

posted on 14 Jan 2013, 10:40

10. jdep1 (banned) (Posts: 26; Member since: 06 Nov 2012)

HTC bring a phone like the hd2 that is capable of dual booting, has amazing hardware & I'll give you my business again. I would buy nothing but HTC devices back then but now Samsung has my money.

posted on 14 Jan 2013, 13:48

12. ZeroCide (Posts: 785; Member since: 09 Jan 2013)

Gotta start somewhere.

posted on 14 Jan 2013, 15:41 1

13. dinG1 (Posts: 1; Member since: 14 Jan 2013)

This article misses a whole big point. It won't be a huge market for sure at least for now, but it it is worth mentioning Peter Chou was born and bred in Myanmar before settling in Taiwan. He hosted the event speaking Myanmar language, needless to mention HTC develop Burmese characters there.

posted on 15 Jan 2013, 04:08

14. funnyguy (banned) (Posts: 244; Member since: 10 Jan 2013)

If its not Samsung then is No Good,

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