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HTC tells you why you want to feel the Sensation 4G in the palm of your hand

0. phoneArena posted on 13 May 2011, 01:48

In a 6 minute video, HTC tells us all of the reasons why you would want the Sensation 4G as your next smartphone; browser and email enhancements are just the beginning as the HTC Sensation 4G offers many high-end features...

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posted on 13 May 2011, 03:32 3

1. blahblah (unregistered)

best phone ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted on 13 May 2011, 06:24 8

2. Moimalo (Posts: 11; Member since: 26 Apr 2011)

The next best thing after EVO 3D

posted on 13 May 2011, 10:45 2

6. jogutier (Posts: 324; Member since: 12 Feb 2010)

EVO 3D and Sprint's coverage is a joke.

posted on 13 May 2011, 16:49 3

9. YoureAtool (unregistered)

You're right, because 10X times more coverage than T-Mobile is a "Joke"

posted on 15 May 2011, 13:47 1

15. Eric (unregistered)

Is that why Sprint isn't allowed to advertise their 4g as the largest or fastest anymore?

posted on 13 May 2011, 07:53 2

3. bucky (Posts: 3113; Member since: 30 Sep 2009)

I have an atrix (great phone btw) but i will never buy something with a locked bootloader again. I dont care how amazing teh phone is-an android phone with a locked bootloader is an iphone with widgets and shittier app store.

posted on 13 May 2011, 08:22 5

4. Jeff (unregistered)

The battery will probably die in 30 min. HTC needs to improve battery life, they improve their phones without changing the battery. Who can put up with a device that has to constantly be charged?

posted on 13 May 2011, 08:57 2

5. vantenkiest (Posts: 312; Member since: 20 Apr 2011)

i hope verizon gets a sense 3 phone soon i realy like htcs phones and the ui is normally really smooth... but yes the battery life needs to be improved.... root a phone and underclock for life is just annoying.

posted on 13 May 2011, 10:46 2

7. jogutier (Posts: 324; Member since: 12 Feb 2010)

I agree. The freaken Thunderbolt should of came with all of these specs and features.

posted on 13 May 2011, 12:33 2

8. ILikeBubbles (Posts: 525; Member since: 17 Jan 2011)

lol after this video what happened to all the hype for the Thunberbolt? (it's not your dream phone, its the phone after that) lolol

posted on 13 May 2011, 23:26

10. Owlet (Posts: 450; Member since: 21 Feb 2011)

When, if ever, will Verizon get its equivalent?

posted on 14 May 2011, 01:01 1

11. ldbbw (unregistered)

if only evo 3d had two 8mp cameras on the back =(

posted on 14 May 2011, 01:05

12. elinventor (unregistered)

blah blah blah and how about battery?

posted on 17 May 2011, 02:52

16. mostafa mahmod from egypt (unregistered)


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