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HTC sales continue slide, down 4% sequentially in August

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HTC sales continue slide, down 4% sequentially in August
HTC might have some of the best-designed and well performing device on the market with the One series, but customers are just not buying enough of them. HTC’s sales have continued sliding and declined another 4% on the month in August.

HTC’s revenue stood at around $800 million ($NT24.019 billion) in August, down from $NT25.025 billion in July. The decline is particularly sharp when you compare it to last year’s HTC numbers - it’s a 47% drop from August 2011.

At the same time, HTC’s big Android rival Samsung just announced it’s sold 20 million of its flagship Galaxy S III.

HTC is definitely undergoing some tough times and it’s hard to prescribe a magic pill that would bring the company back on high profitability lane. HTC’s chief executive earlier called to employees to kill bureaucracy to bring the company back on track.

source: HTC via UnwiredView

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