HTC patents method to correct shaking video on phones

HTC patents method to correct shaking video on phones
Have you ever tried to watch a video on your phone while the driver (certainly you weren't behind the wheel while watching) runs over some bumpy stretch of road? The picture on the screen tends to bounce around. HTC has filed a patent for its solution to the shaking video problem. Using the phone's accelerometer, the motion sensor figures out what direction the shaking is coming from, and at the same time, it measures the intensity of the jolt. The combination of direction and magnitude leads to a move by the anti-shaking device to correct the video by adjusting it in the opposite direction. While this entire method may never see the inside of a cellphone, the Taiwanese based firm has certainly understood the value of owning a patent after being hit with a patent infringement lawsuit by Apple.

source: PatentApplication via Ubergizmo


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