HTC launches its first brand campaign in the U.S.

HTC launches its first brand campaign in the U.S.
HTC has started its first ever brand campaign in the U.S. Until now, the company relied on the marketing strategy of the carriers, which offered its products. The media attack on the U.S. customer will include not only the touch devices, but also Windows Mobile Standard smartphones, which are operated through hardware keyboards. The campaign will not promote a single model, but the overall image of the brand and the way its product lines, can influence (positively of course) a person’s life. HTC will have its advertisements in multiple Medias, such as TV, movie theater previews, in-flight. It will focus on outdoor printed ads as well and of course, the Internet. Here is one of HTC’s videos, which will give you an idea what to expect.

source: HTC



1. unregistered

aww... you mean no more obscure numbers for HTC products? cough Verizon XV6800 etc...

2. smaartplant unregistered

Den you're an idiot, you couldn't come up with a better fone and its your fault you got the phone. And the phone isnt obscure just because you dont like it.

3. grababoo unregistered

i agree with the guy above me

4. Sarah Rachmond unregistered

Ben, you should bash a phone just because you don't like it. It's not a bad phone, and I agree with the two guys above me.

5. CoolGuy2342 unregistered

i am alzo greeing wit da 4 ppls above me comment. yo its nut kool to bash a fone just cuz u dun lyk it.

6. Gregory unregistered

My engish is not so well but i am also agreeing iwth them that hurting a phone shall not be kind when if you just are not liking it. Thanks you, I loves you, good bye.

7. rhonda unregistered

i am sorry ben but its not kind or right to call a phone obscure even though its not. maybe you should try to get a better phone instead of calling one bad just because you dont like it.

8. I.LOVE.QWERTY.U unregistered

This is a really great commercial, the slogan isn't too bad either.

9. RARINDA unregistered

hey nice phone what are its features? which phone is it, and when is it coming out! i want that, lol it looks so great,

10. Denise unregistered

Guys stop fighting this isnt the place for it. but this is a very nice ad and very slick looking phone. i like it a lot!!!

11. .Better.than.comment.18. unregistered

Nonono, RARINA you should buy it at the much it has much better support and is a better company overall. Thank you for shopping, we hope to serve you again! Just would like to give another ^\_/[THANKS]\_/^ to you, RARINDA.

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