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HTC admits its High Performance Mode pumped up benchmark scores for the HTC One (M8)

0. phoneArena posted on 28 Mar 2014, 19:53

Last year, Samsung was accused of putting technology into its high-end Android phones that could determine when a benchmark test was being run, and boost the frequencies of the CPU on the device. Samsung did admit that "the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 maximizes its CPU/GPU frequencies when running features that demand substantial performance."...

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posted on 29 Mar 2014, 09:54

64. Berzerk000 (Posts: 4275; Member since: 26 Jun 2011)

It's DDR3 RAM. Check Anandtech's review.

posted on 28 Mar 2014, 20:15 3

5. Mxyzptlk (unregistered)

Benchmarks are useless most of the time and don't prove anything. It's just like using a carrier coverage map over using something like Sensorly for real world feedback.

posted on 28 Mar 2014, 22:34 1

28. Arte-8800 (banned) (Posts: 4562; Member since: 13 Mar 2014)

To you it might not, to others, like who actually finds out when playing games shows how many FPS, refresh rates, the speed of the memory> bandwith, vectors, and etc,,,,,these are advanced users! unlike me and you and others are novice to this.

When your car goes on service it uses an app just like antutu, to figure out what's it's performance is and what is it know after few years, ,, rolling road map

Even CPU engineers use similar CPU app like antutu to abstract gains and flows of CPU plot algorithm

posted on 29 Mar 2014, 07:58 1

59. chebner (Posts: 236; Member since: 17 Oct 2011)

I know some users like to know what fps they're getting at any split second. But what matters more, insane fps or that the game plays smoothly? With a PC plugged into the wall power consumption doesn't really matter. But in a phone where battery power is finite anyone with common sense should prefer minimum fps to provide smooth game play vs max fps, the power savings will allow you to play longer.

What the help are you talking about hooking your car up to? That's just a diagnostic computer that tells you what is wrong. Only a dynometer can tell you how much power your car has. Most people probably don't know what a dynometer is let alone had their car tested.

Yes CPU engineers use benchmarks to test against a known baseline so they can tell how their chip is performing, but these tests have little to do with real world performance.

posted on 28 Mar 2014, 20:17 19

7. galanoth (Posts: 426; Member since: 26 Nov 2011)

Samsung does it it's cheating.
HTC does it and now benchmarks don't matter.
Hater logic.

posted on 28 Mar 2014, 21:25 6

16. williamdroid (Posts: 125; Member since: 19 Jan 2014)

Well at least they still have their Metal lmao

posted on 29 Mar 2014, 04:42

51. morijoon (Posts: 25; Member since: 27 Mar 2014)

it,s samsung cheating this time only make htc weaker
2.3 version of m8 get very great 37000 in an tu tu and now samsung say the 2.5 version get only 27000 score ? really ?

posted on 28 Mar 2014, 20:17 5

8. vintage (Posts: 15; Member since: 12 Feb 2014)


posted on 28 Mar 2014, 20:24 13

9. fzacek (Posts: 2486; Member since: 26 Jan 2014)

HTC is like a stupid blonde; great for looks and "build quality", but a little behind when it comes to intelligence. I'm beginning to hate HTC like I hate Apple. Don't even get me started on what kind of a person Appe is...

posted on 29 Mar 2014, 01:10 1

38. hurrycanger (Posts: 1625; Member since: 01 Dec 2013)

Who's that Appe guy anyway?

posted on 29 Mar 2014, 11:20

67. fzacek (Posts: 2486; Member since: 26 Jan 2014)

Apple is more of a whore...

posted on 29 Mar 2014, 01:43

42. Trex95 (Posts: 1118; Member since: 03 Mar 2013)

I played with S5 couple of weeks ago in Samsung store and let me tell you exctly what is my thought about it.
- The new touchwiz UI is lighter but the Ugliest Android UI looks exctly like Symbian UI.
- camera is great, but does has some foucing issue with close opjects.
- Super Amoled on S5 looks better than Note 3 Super Amoled.
- Games performance okay not that great still there's a bit of lag.

Overall S5 better than S4 but still can't outperform Iphone 5s and Lg G flex in benchmark.

posted on 29 Mar 2014, 02:47 1

43. .KRATOS. (Posts: 385; Member since: 15 Mar 2013)

The phone isn't released yet, n even on its launch it didn't have any lag so jst cut ur crap, u haven't seen the phone.

posted on 28 Mar 2014, 20:26

10. CX3NT3_713 (Posts: 2286; Member since: 18 Apr 2011)

People still do benchmarks? Lol wow

posted on 28 Mar 2014, 22:37

29. Arte-8800 (banned) (Posts: 4562; Member since: 13 Mar 2014)

When you go to gym don't you see your heartbeat or rate or something that detects your body to show what the calculation your body is pulsing,,,,?

posted on 29 Mar 2014, 04:45 1

52. fanboy1974 (Posts: 1345; Member since: 12 Nov 2011)

I agree with him. I use to run benchmarks from the OG Droid to the Note 2. But with the Note 3 the phone is fast at everything it does in real life. Almost every phone with a snapdragon 800 and above have been fast to date. Not saying that benchmarks are completely useless but the 800 along with 4.3/4.4 have been rock solid combo. People should not base their buying decision on scores alone. Benchmarking is crucial when your picking a cpu or video card upgrade for your computer; not when comparing phones with the same cpu and operating system.

posted on 28 Mar 2014, 20:47 1

12. mr.techdude (Posts: 571; Member since: 19 Nov 2012)

I don't get it, why are they and everyone else accused of cheating when all their doing is optimizing the chip for benchmarking, like isn't it showing the true potential of CPU and GPU.

posted on 28 Mar 2014, 21:00

13. zennacko (Posts: 237; Member since: 16 Jun 2013)

I had a really big comment about this case, but then I felt stupid for even bothering about CPU power on smartphones. I won't render anything big on them, won't use much folding@home (if there is actually an app for that) or other cpu-heavy software, and last but not least. I could have a more reliable multi-core machine on a PC. Soon enough people will treat their phones as nano-mainframes, sheesh.

posted on 28 Mar 2014, 21:41 7

19. cai4651 (Posts: 26; Member since: 09 Mar 2014)

Poor HTC ....It's difficult to choose between s5 and htc ...let me think...
Metal vs
better CPU/GPU, ddr3, water resistant , bigger screen, lighter , thinner , smaller, better Camera , usb 3.0, bigger battery , replaceable battery , fingerprint reader .

Great job HTC for simplifying this.... they talk about shame...LOL

posted on 28 Mar 2014, 22:47 2

32. iushnt (Posts: 2260; Member since: 06 Feb 2013)

You forgot about the double WiFi antenna on s5..

posted on 29 Mar 2014, 04:39 4

50. morijoon (Posts: 25; Member since: 27 Mar 2014)

in gsmarena 2.3 version get 37000 score in an tu tu and s5 just 35000
now really you think the 2.5 version get only 27000?
so better and faster cpu for htc
better screen htc
better design htc
maybe s5 is thinner but m8 in hand fell great and very thin
and for a phone have full metal body and 2 stereo speaker have +15gr is
the bigger battery or the result of use battery ? the result for m8 is great 71 hr by a 2600 battery and wait for s5
and first thing for me to choose a phone is the beauty
i vote m8

posted on 29 Mar 2014, 16:43

76. JMartin22 (Posts: 2013; Member since: 30 Apr 2013)

Your English is terribly bad. Also, the M8s screen isn't as good as the S5s, neither in color accuracy, nor saturation. It's the same outdated SLCD3 from last year with no improvement other than HTC doing more over-processing on the images to make them look saturated.

Also, S5 has the same Chipset as that HTC phone, so the HTC is not "better".

PS, the "advantage" you listed at the end is subjective. I find HTC phones ugly, because of poor design engineering, material construct won't change that. More facts please

posted on 29 Mar 2014, 17:47

77. ngo2dd (Posts: 896; Member since: 08 Jul 2011)

You talking about fact but you did not give any. The whole thing is very subjective. The Amoled screen is old technology as the other Amoled screen of last year. And you do know this is an international sit so when you attack some over their English, it make you so more uneducated

posted on 29 Mar 2014, 14:42

75. ToxiD (Posts: 45; Member since: 27 Feb 2014)

What do you mean by that ddr3? HTC also has DDR3 Ram... btw so many gimmicks there lol

posted on 28 Mar 2014, 21:41 3

20. Lyngdoh (Posts: 298; Member since: 06 Sep 2012)

It seems like Sony is honest with benchmarks.

posted on 29 Mar 2014, 09:10

61. Bioload25 (Posts: 213; Member since: 12 Nov 2012)

I so freaking love Sony man...dont know why '-'

posted on 29 Mar 2014, 09:45

63. Ashoaib (Posts: 3229; Member since: 15 Nov 2013)

Seems like apple is honest with bench marks

posted on 29 Mar 2014, 21:52

80. Taters (banned) (Posts: 6474; Member since: 28 Jan 2013)

Lol Sony are the biggest cheaters ever. The Xperia Z has a heavier skin and exact same internals as the Nexus 4 yet it crushes the nexus 4 in benchmarks. Geez, I wonder how. ....

posted on 28 Mar 2014, 21:54 3

22. The-Sailor-Man (banned) (Posts: 1095; Member since: 25 Mar 2014)

"Last year, Samsung was accused "
Wrong. All the Android OEM's was accused at the end , FOR THE SAME.
But the tech media what to point only Samsung.

" Samsung did admit that "the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 maximizes its CPU/GPU frequencies when running features that demand substantial performance."

Samsung ADMIT NOTHING. Samsung just explained what is going on. And that this is not cheating.
This what HTC is doing now is different stort, though.

Enough with insinuations and manipulation

posted on 29 Mar 2014, 04:25

48. hmmm... (Posts: 79; Member since: 05 Jun 2013)

From your logic, HTC also explained what's going on. Not all were accused. Sony phones were not tested and Motorola turned out clean.

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