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HTC Trophy also getting Mango beginning today

0. phoneArena posted on 27 Sep 2011, 17:42

We may be starting to sound like a broken record here, but the HTC Trophy for Verizon is the next on the list of Windows Phone devices to get the Mango update beginning today…

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posted on 27 Sep 2011, 17:48 2

1. Yeeee (Posts: 190; Member since: 02 Aug 2011)

I dont like wp7 but the pace they are doing their updates at is great. Hopefully after ice cream anddroid will be like this

posted on 27 Sep 2011, 18:29 2

2. Penny (Posts: 1667; Member since: 04 Feb 2011)

Sweetness. I'm at work right now, but I'll definitely try to get the update for my HTC Trophy when I get back home tonight. Wasn't ready this morning when I tried it, so I hope it is working by then.

posted on 27 Sep 2011, 19:10 1

3. christianqwerty (Posts: 467; Member since: 05 May 2011)

Running Mango update on my samsung focus!! success!

posted on 27 Sep 2011, 21:46

4. RB (unregistered)

I got my copy!!

posted on 27 Sep 2011, 22:02

5. yupyup (unregistered)

I got a message today on my trophy telling me I have a update but it was just to fix little problems not mango. I hope in the coming days I will get the update that I have been waiting for.

posted on 27 Sep 2011, 22:12

6. aphrophyre (unregistered)

Do the network pull trick when checking for updates. it'll take you to 7.0.7430 then immediately to 7.10.7720.68! Trust me, it works. I did it around 2PM today.

posted on 27 Sep 2011, 23:25

7. christianqwerty (Posts: 467; Member since: 05 May 2011)

click check for updates, you have to update it 3 times, its a process...

posted on 28 Sep 2011, 02:05

8. amazinghorse (Posts: 38; Member since: 14 Dec 2009)

I was only able to get the 7.07430. After that Zune told me I was all up to date. Microsoft must be rolling this out in waves of updates.

posted on 28 Sep 2011, 06:23

10. 87168 (unregistered)

i just got home and plugged my phone in to put another movie on it and BOOM it tells me theres an update!!! Nice!!!!

posted on 28 Sep 2011, 06:50

11. rocklobzsta (unregistered)

good call on the network pull trick, if u dont know how to do it... go to zune>settings>phone>update then while its looking for the update unplug your ethernet cable or usb wireless adapter (if you have one) i just did and mine is updating as i type!

posted on 28 Sep 2011, 07:55

12. 87168 (unregistered)

I still cant update to the correct version.

So let me get this straight. I have my Zune software look for updates and then I unplug my ethernet cable while it's looking for it. Now once I unplug it as it's looking do I plug it back in?

If so I tried that and it still didn't work. So I guess I'm not doing it correctly.

posted on 28 Sep 2011, 13:55

13. Penny (Posts: 1667; Member since: 04 Feb 2011)

1. Plug your phone into your computer and open the Zune software.
2. Check for updates. If none are found, click on another button in Zune, such as "link".
3. Click on "Updates" again. This time, pull out your ethernet cable about a second after it starts looking for an update.
4. Wait until it tells you that an update has been found (expect it to take about 30 seconds or so).
5. Once it tells you an update has been found, plug your ethernet cord back in and proceed with the update.

If this isn't working for you, most likely your timing is off for pulling out the ethernet cord. After clicking Update, give it a second to start searching, but not long enough to tell you that your phone is up to date.

posted on 28 Sep 2011, 15:00

15. 87168 (unregistered)

wow that worked perfectly!!! Thanks!

posted on 29 Sep 2011, 00:52

17. sacre coeur (unregistered)

I unplug it, but it stops looking for updates and says "to see for updates. connect a device"

posted on 29 Sep 2011, 02:07

18. Penny (Posts: 1667; Member since: 04 Feb 2011)

You're not supposed to unplug the device, you are supposed to unplug your internet connection from your computer. If you are using a physical cable to connect your computer to a router (an Ethernet cable), this is what you would unplug. If your computer is connected to the internet via Wi-Fi (such as with a laptop), you would turn off the Wi-Fi on your computer during this step.

posted on 28 Sep 2011, 14:02

14. Penny (Posts: 1667; Member since: 04 Feb 2011)

Got Mango last night. I am honestly surprised to say that it actually exceeded the already high expectations set by the tech blogosphere. This OS is truly freaking full of FUNCTIONALITY.

posted on 30 Sep 2011, 12:56

19. JG (unregistered)

got the update by unplugging, but update is stuck on retarting my phone, even though it is restarted!

posted on 30 Sep 2011, 13:51

20. Aero (unregistered)

Tried this method all morning, but to no avail. Either it tells me the phone is up to date (with 7392) or tells me that no connection is available (as I have switched off WLAN). This is a VZW HTC Trophy. I guess I'll just wait for it to get pushed to me.

I even got the e-mail today telling me that an update was available, after getting 7392 yesterday, but no Mango at this point.

posted on 30 Sep 2011, 17:15

21. HTPW7 (unregistered)

I have the same issue as Aero. I plugged my Trophy in, stated an update. The update was only for Certificates and other fixes such as Auto Brightness which now works. It was not mango as mine still shows Windows Phone 7, 7.0.7392.0. I' ve tried the stated steps above with zero luck.

posted on 30 Sep 2011, 18:22

22. WINDOWSPHONE7 (unregistered)

Thanks whoever came up with the internet concept, worked like a charm. I should google my problems rather than call verizon.

posted on 01 Oct 2011, 12:35

23. BradD (unregistered)

Awesome, thanks Penny. That was the oddest way I ever recieved an update for anything, but it worked, so thank you so much!

posted on 01 Oct 2011, 14:11

24. Aero (unregistered)

Well, well. It finally worked today on the 16th or 17th try. Guess it was either a matter of timing with the disconnect or they finally pushed the update to me. :) It is updating to Mango right now.

posted on 03 Oct 2011, 16:58

25. joy (unregistered)

when will we get the software for verizon customers

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