HTC Touch Viva gets official, on a budget

HTC Touch Viva gets official, on a budget
In addition to the Touch HD and Touch 3G, HTC announced a budget model of the series, the Touch Viva. The Touch 3G can be considered as a slightly stripped down version of the Touch Diamond, with QVGA display and different more modest design language. The Touch Viva on the other hand is obviously a low-class model, mirroring the specifications of the previous generation Touch phone. It is running on a slow TI OMAP 850 processor at 201 MHz, features QVGA display, 2-megapixel camera and is quad-band GSM without 3G or GPS. Compared to the original Touch it comes with slightly changed design and WM6.1 OS with TouchFLO 3D instead of the first-gen TouchFLO.

HTC Touch Viva Specifications

source: HTC



1. Black93300ZX unregistered

How does it plan to run TouchFlo3D with a 201mhz processor? The Diamond, with 528mhz, has enough problems with the memory-hungry interface.

2. hargs48 unregistered

Can someone please tell how will TouchFLO 3D run with this 200MHz CPU...if it already runs sluggish with the 528MHz CPU,there will be nope...

3. unregistered

My guess, and this is purely a guess, is that this phone is targeted for a completely different segment of the market than what us geeks are a part of. This would probably do just fine for people who have never owned a smart phone before, and whose performance expectations are much lower than ours.

4. unregistered


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