HTC Touch Pro is Diamond with a QWERTY

HTC just announced officially the HTC Touch Pro. Obviously, it is part of the Touch series (it has the same TouchFLO 3D as the Diamond) and targets the prosumers ...
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18. Ouch unregistered

wow... a 125 deductable on a PDA... what about something crappy like a dash or a motorola Q? Insurance comapies should have a standard percentage value as the deductable... like 15% of the retail price or something. for 125.00 you can just extend your contract and get a newer model, unless you aren't eligible for an upgrade.

21. unregistered

Other than by reading articles on other websites, does anyone know for sure if the HTC Touch Diamond will be hitting the CDMA-based carrier Sprint later this year (2008)?

25. unregistered

Yeah it will hit Sprint somewhere in the forth quarter. My pops is an exec for HTC in the US so I know this for a fact...

23. unregistered

T-Mobile Europe will be getting this phone, as for the US and UK it is unknown.

26. unregistered

if this phone does go to sprint about how much would it cost

29. unregistered

anywhere from $300-$600 but there will be a lot of rebates

27. Mateen unregistered

The pro camera also comes with a flash and the diamond does not.

28. unregistered

im glad to see sprint is getting some good phones to start competing with the phones verizon and at@t are getting

30. unregistered

As a matter of fact, Sprint is not getting the phone. It will be available only to T-mobile.

41. unregistered

You have got to be kidding!!!!! LOL

31. unregistered

it's nice to know there is a lot of people excited about and over this phone. I've worked in and am very familiar with the Telecommunications industry and one thing I believe most of us wil agree on is: with enough time...all carriers will have their versions of other carries phones. I do know for a fact that Sprint is getting the Pro! admittedly one would have to give at&t, and verizion their props,because in the last couple of years their phones have become increasingly better!!!! However, being a Sprint customer for years and years one thing I have learned about the company is that they have always had better and faster technology when it comes to cell phones. Unfortunately when the iphone launched....for the first time...Sprint had lost their gap. Come backs are not unknown. and shouldn't be underestimated from a carrier who has always been a leader. I'm not to disrespect anyones company...cause with everything you have your pro's and your con's....only Sprint's going to have the Pro's. (smile). So let's all continue sharing our thoughts and information to help fellow 'gadget fanatics' by continuing to spread info and keep each other hype!!! which is why i like this site.

33. unregistered

i just got this email. it pretty much is the suckage HTC Touch PRO is not launching as of now. However, HTC Touch Diamond is launching on September 02, 2008. As this HTC Touch PRO will be launched you can get the information from our website that is After the HTC Touch Diamond is launched you can reply to this e-mail to get any information about this handset. Thank you again for contacting Sprint. We appreciate your business. Sincerely, Florence S. Sprint

34. unregistered

Actually I think the PRO is releasing on Sept. 2nd but its NOT called the Pro. Its rumored that the HTC touch PRO will be called the HTC MP6950. I could be wrong but who knows these things!

36. unregistered

this is from No 6950 is not a dual 6800 = mogul 6850 = pro 6900 = touch 6950 = diamond FACT! so, it looks like the 6950 is the diamond. the 6850 is the pro. at least thats what this one says.

38. dick Ă‘emerton unregistered

its gonna to to t-mobile believe or not guys

39. sprintemployee unregistered

actually the diamond is coming to sprint. I know. I work there. It should be released early september if it is not pushed back any farther

40. unregistered

And what about the Pro? Any idea as to if and when it will release with you guys? Also, any word on pricing yet?

44. unregistered

everyone who thinks they know about the exclusivity of theses phones are ridiculous. first of all the diamond is available sept. 14th at corporate locations only, third parties receive the phone on the 22nd of this month. the pro aka raphael is available mid october. the phones are EXCLUSIVE to sprint for 30 days upon receiving shipment. NO at&t will not be receiving any of HTC's touch line until their exclusive contract with apple expires for fear of competition. T-mobile wont be getting anything except another lawsuit.

47. unregistered

I swear, some of you are borderline retarded. Sprint gets both phones.

49. unregistered Touch Pro is comming to Sprint. Oh look, it's on their website.

50. unregistered

sprint is releasing this phone sunday 19 oct on line

51. unregistered

OK NUMB NUTZ (dumb azz) The PRO will goto sprint soon find it here hahahahaha sprint is still the leader.

53. unregistered

you guys are intolerable. the best phone is by far the g1 from t mobile. which is by far the best service out there also. my friend had verizon and then sprint. he would lose calls all the time while i chatted away right beside him. he now has t mobile

54. zihvjafvduih unregistered

hahah, I want this phonee. :D
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