HTC Touch Pro is Diamond with a QWERTY

HTC just announced officially the HTC Touch Pro. Obviously, it is part of the Touch series (it has the same TouchFLO 3D as the Diamond) and targets the prosumers ...
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1. unregistered

is sprint getting this phone

2. unregistered

No numb nutts!!! Its a GSM phone; so there for AT&T is getting the phone. DUH!!!

5. unregistered

16. anonymous1 unregistered

You shouldn't be so mean when you don't know anything yourself... That's only in Europe and Asia. HTC is already releasing the Diamond on Sprint and will most likely make this to on Sprint. They usually provide the touch screen phones to Sprint because this is the predecessor to the HTC Touch.

19. unregistered


20. unregistered

Predecessor means ancestor, the HTC Touch is the 'predecessor' of the HTC Touch Pro and the HTC Diamond, not the other way around.

24. unregistered

What is the website to see that its coming to Sprint?

35. unregistered

Actually, T-Mobile just signed a contract for this phone to be released next month in September. Trust me I know. lol. So pretty much you are all wrong.

37. Me unregistered

It's coming to Sprint and Verizon. Read all about it anywhere.

42. unregistered

Your the numb nuts it is going to launch for sprint and verizon.

43. unregistered

or we can just state fact. I know for a fact that sprint is releasing this phone around a month from now. They released the touch diamond today although it is only available for direct shipping. Call sprint directly and ask then they will tell you. Anyone done that for the other carriers? Or are people just reading hype?

45. unregistered

Yes Sprint will be getting both the HTC Touch Diamond and also the HTC Touch Pro

52. loser unregistered

You're so wrong, because I have one today from Sprint.

3. unregistered

Actually the phone will be coming to sprint. If you go to services and click on SPRINT, go to the UPCOMING phones and youll see both model phones on there showing its coming to SPRINT.

4. unregistered

those are the CDMA versions of the phones and phonearena does not even know if that is truly the case or not, they are just rumored so until they actually get hardcore facts that is just a guess that there are going to be CDMA versions of these phones. also these phones are going to go with t-mobile not at&t, at least not right away

10. anonymous unregistered

actually, i work for sprint. the touch diamond and the touch pro are both confirmed for the 2008 q4 sprint line-up. no other us carrier will have either one of those til q1/q2 of 2009

32. unregistered

actually I work for at&t and the htc rep demo the at&t version of the diamond pro and that's coming in oct of 2008

46. unregistered

You are exactly right. I work for Sprint as well and it is exclusively for Sprint for a certain time frame anyway. After that then Verizon will carry it.

48. unregistered

6. unregistered

such a great phone...but i think i'd like more Android in place of WM 6.1,maybe this is the only bad thing

7. unregistered

WHAT!!! It better not go to T-MOBILE. Your going to take a high end phone and give it to a SORRY service. That doesn't make any sense. Itll go to SPRINT on the CDMA and AT&T on GSM. Go to T-MOBILE. Please dont make me laugh. Its like giving a LAMBORGINI to a baby. It wouldnt know what to do with it. T-MOBILE...LOL

22. unregistered

I agree. T-MOBILE is a joke. SPRINT is the only carrier for this phone in 2008. CALL THEM AND ASK. That simple. i did.

8. unregistered

you people can be insufferable. since weve already seen it for sprint and htc has said there will be a north american gsm version well likely see it on all major us carriers

9. unregistered

just know tht there will be different versions of it

11. mikey likes it! unregistered

well sorry I know it is hard for all the Sprint Haters to give the Company props but yes it is TRUE CDMA version for Sprint!!!! Rev A, Sprint TV, Music Store, GPS....Hey at least where I live there is beautiful coverage : ) Goodtimes!!!!

12. unregistered

For Everyones Information...T-Mobile aka VoiceStream was the first US GSM network...AND they have more of their own owned network than any other US carrier. I used to work for Nokia (for 12 years) when VoiceStream was building their GSM network building and buying land for towers. Several of the other US carriers pay dearly every month to use the T-Mobile owned towers. GSM is the international standard in Europe, Australia and much of Asia and Africa...CDMA is proprietary American. A cell-phone carrier typically gets 832 radio frequencies to use in a city. Each cell phone uses two frequencies per call -- a duplex channel -- so there are typically 395 voice channels per carrier which are split among each cell. (The other 42 frequencies are used for control channels. Therefore, in a TDMA-based digital system can carry three times as many calls as an analog system, so each cell has about 168 channels available. In other words, in any one cell, 168 people can be talking on their cell phone at one time. After that you get dropped calls...not carrier specific either...

17. THANK GOD! unregistered

I don't know if you are going to read this post again, but could you forward that to all the CDMA haters out there. 3x as many calls at one time on a CDMA network compared to GSM. GSM is inefficient. But Don't worry GSM lovers, I anticipate in another 7-10 years, GSM and CDMA will both go away and be replaced with something better.

13. NoHTC unregistered

HTC phones are bad. They don't have a endurance. My HTC Wizard or AT&T 8525 stopped working after 1 year. It was not cover by warranty and AT&T does not offer insurance for phones. My friend purchased a 8125 along me, hers stopped working after 6 months and was replaced 3 times.... She ended up just settling with a Razr... Yes a Razr!! Just look at the Mogul...

14. unregistered

wow well that may be user mandated, ive had htc phones for the past four years now and ive never had a problem with my mogul, however i do work for AT&T and i can understand the old 8125 having those issue that phone was terrible, along with the ppc670 or any other mobile that used wm5 didnt work to good. i had my ppc 6700 replaced 5 times luckily i had sprint and total equipment protection so they just would give me a new phone which was kewl, then after they discontinued the ppc 6700 and mines no longer worked they gave me the mogul for free. but AT&T now offers insurance on ALL devices including the tilt and i rarely have customers who have issues with the tilt as opposed to blackberrys which seem to be always having some type of defect even if the user is correctly using the device. WE LOVE YoU HTC!!!!!!!!!!1

15. xerses247

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acutally you can have insurance on any phone (xcept the iphone) as of june 3rd. deductible is 125 for pdas though
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