HTC Touch Pro coming to Alltel?

HTC Touch Pro coming to Alltel?
In the wireless industry, the launching of popular devices is crucial, and should this rumor be true, it would leave Verizon as the lone ranger without one of the new Touch devices. Engadget Mobile has received what appears to be a picture of an Alltel branded Touch Pro, with their intelligence stating that it will launch "soon" after the Diamond does.

No word as of yet from Verizon, although we're quite shocked that it's smaller rival (and potential acquisition) will most likely receive the device before them.

Source: Engadget Mobile



1. unregistered

didnt they also get the HTC touch before verizon did?

3. unregistered

it really does not matter if they do get because vzw already finalized the buying out of alltell n e ways

7. unregistered

not true. yes, they are wanting to, but it's currently going under major scrutiny by the department of justice and the FCC. It's like saying "I wanna buy a car"... Just because I have the credit for it, it doesn't mean crap until I have the loan finalized and am driving the car. DUH

21. unregistered

but they will still be two different services as they are now just under one company is what they told me. the phones won't be interchangeable b/t vzw n alltel.

2. unregistered

eh doesn't matter... considering verizon is buying out alltel... weird that they would even bother releasing it though

15. C-Chicki

Posts: 32; Member since: Sep 03, 2008

They have to do something because what happens if the FCC says no to the merger? Alltel still has to stay on their feet because why give up now if the merger isnt guarnetted so when all is said and done you fall flat on your ass.

4. unregistered

But.... are they getting the Verizon version or the Sprint version of the Diamond and Touch Pro. The Specs are different.

16. C-Chicki

Posts: 32; Member since: Sep 03, 2008

I'd assume something more along the lines of the Sprint version, or at least thats what me and my co-workers have assumed

5. doitall76 unregistered

I wonder if it carries the specs of the Sprint version or the Verizon verision. If Alltel is being bought by Verizon, and I were to buy the Alltel version, would Verizon carry it on their network?

8. unregistered

Well, duh. They're not gonna replace 13 million customer's phones with VZW phones. and since VZW is already launching their "open network", allowing any device that's compatible to operate on it's airwaves... that would lead one to believe that the answer to your question is yes.

10. doitall76 unregistered

Alright Mr. "well, duh". Let me clarify. I am on Verizon now. If Verizon doesn't even have the Touch Pro on their network for sale, and I buy the non contract Alltel version, will Verizon allow me to add it to their network. This question is posed because Verizon appears to be handicapping the Touch Pro (Raphael) in comparison to the Sprint version. But I have heard that they may not accept the Sprint version on their network if I were to buy it and try to put it on in a month or so. Unfortunately, you were so quick to jump on the Smart-A$$ boat, that you didn't even ask where it was going.

13. unregistered

#8 already answered your question saying vzw is launching their open network. Not that anyone was has a definate answer for you, its probably yes. So your need to explain your situation was not needed and you are wasting the energy required to make my fingers move to type this (sad face).

6. unregistered

WOW I cant believe that alltel is getting it before T Mobile that is shocking

9. unregistered

there is no proof it is coming out before T-Mobile for one thing....

11. unregistered


12. scubadude unregistered

well actually it's not that verizon is the lone ranger, tmobile hasnt announced any plans to carry the device other than the htc dream g1, so actually it's both tmo and vzw that are a lil behind..

14. unregistered

verizon is getting the device but f that its gimped im switching to sprint i want that phone now my 6800 is slow

17. vzw fanboy unregistered

you guys crack me up because youre willing to switch to a different carrier soley based on their phones. ahah lol

18. unregistered

and if you're gonna be spending all that money..why the hell not get a phone you like and works to its fullest potential? i'm sure if they are switching they get decent reception either way...vzw is a joke for what they do with all their phones, just get over it

19. unregistered

If they switch they will get a better plan as well so its not just a better phone they would be gettting. Granted VZW has more coverage in the "sticks" than Sprint but I myself stay in larger cities and interstates and have no problems at all. I can hear the Deliverance "Dueling Banjos" now....good!

20. unregistered

co-sign ^^^^^

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