HTC Touch Diamond comes to Alltel

HTC Touch Diamond comes to Alltel
In yet another phone announcement during the busy fourth quarter, Alltel has added the HTC Touch Diamond to its lineup of smart devices. Sporting Windows Mobile 6.1, a 3.2 megapixel camera, EVDO Rev. A, stereo Bluetooth, and the TouchFLO 3D user interface, the device is definitely an upgrade from the original Touch and can be had for $249.99 (after a $100 mail-in rebate and a two-year agreement).

The phone is available online and in store, so head down to your local Alltel location and check it out.

source: Alltel

HTC Touch Diamond CDMA Specifications | Review (Sprint)



1. unregistered

well yipee....more short lived news from Alltel. I don't know why there is any hype left for Alltel considering they're getting aquired. Doesn't matter what new devices Alltel gets, the real question is will Verizon support it after they take over Alltel?

2. unregistered

pointless who cares

12. unregistered

I care since I have Alltel.

3. unregistered

Chad! You're still a Ding-Dong!

18. unregistered

i agree!

4. unregistered

verizon will still support these devices and will possibly offer them in their line up as well. Any alltel phone can be activated right now under Verizon surfaces, but unfortunately, Alltel does lack a large selection of cool handsets.

7. unregistered

they have a waaaay better lineup than vzw

15. unregistered

mmmm not really at should check out their website before you open your mouth

20. unregistered

Verizon has twice the devices Alltel has, Alltel still carries that dinosaur Moto V3. Verizon is always releasing new stuff, Alltel can't keep up thats why they're up for sale

5. Jyakotu unregistered

I think that the company will now be called Alltel by Verizon. xD But seriously, why is Alltel still getting new phones? I don't even think they're that great a carrier. Also, it's funny how there's still ads for Alltel claiming to be better than Verizon, even though they're getting bought out by Verizon.

6. unregistered

Well of course they're better than Verizon.. They are being aquired from Verizon so they have everything Verizon does....+ whatever alltel had, they cant be worse........Or can they :) Food for thought

8. unregistered

they are better than verizon. the merger is bad news for alltel customers :(

11. unregistered


14. unregistered

You are all stupid Verizon is so much better than Alltel and it does matter where you live in the US because in ABQ Verizon is number one and Alltel was never that great to start with.

16. unregistered

no sorry you are stupid..... verizon sucks and i'm going to miss alltel

17. unregistered

why..... you'll miss the limited circle? as opposed to 80 million people in your circle.. you'll miss not having #1 rated customer service? you'll miss the lame phone selection? have you ever had verizon? probably not

19. unregistered

actually I have douche bag. I switched to alltel because verizon sucked

21. unregistered

I'm glad Alltel is getting aquired by Verizon, I had Alltel once and for a CDMA carrier they sucked! I had dropped calls even on full service and sometimes it took over an hour for a text message to be processed! Customer service wasn't helpful either. All they could say was, "Restart your phone, that'll help." and it did nothing. Their network just sucks.

9. unregistered

getting back to the phone... i like the touchflo skin they used here... quit talking about carriers on threads related to phones specifically...

10. unregistered

odd this is a late post. been out since oct 30. I have the phone and it is a really nice phone.

13. unregistered

Agree. This news is almost 3 weeks old. What's up Phone Arena?????

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