HTC Touch Diamond comes in multiple new colors

Seven additional color versions of the popular WM smartphone are available in France...
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1. .... unregistered

why the hell its in france only??!?!?!

2. Mr. Unknown unregistered

yea why only in france? and it kinda reminds me of the zune..........but thats me

3. unregistered

wheres all the "whens vzw getting it?" posts?

6. unregistered

LOL...that is normally the first post I see any time a phone is released. Dosen't seem to matter if it's GSM or CDMA

11. primewax unregistered

When is VZW getting this phone? These colors are SWEET Sorry had to do it lol

4. David A unregistered

its still early in the day, they still have a few hours before they start asking stupid questions about GSM phones being on CDMA networks.

8. unregistered

I didn't realize it was stupid to ask when a CDMA variant of a GSM device is coming out. Because, it's not like they ever did that before. Oh wait, they did... with the HTC Touch. It seems like it is never too early to post stupid comments though.

5. unregistered


7. unregistered

Your favorite color sucks!

23. g7a7w7d unregistered

ya what about green. that's my color. had already one phone green. the LG... nice

9. unregistered

hmm considering vzw has several gsm variants you may know of them (Glyde, touch, and also the diamond and several others are comin to vzw soon enough

10. unregistered

stripped down versions, yeah... the glyde sucks, vzws diamond is going to suck (lower processor and ram compared to the sprint version)... keep on dreaming, and talk about how the "network" is where its at... im more than happy to be roaming with a cheaper plan and a better phone...

13. unregistered

The Glyde had the same looking home screen as the GSM version and that was it. Everything else worth while was gone. That and it may be the worst "touch sceen" phone I have ever used. A co-worker of mine upgraded to it and had it for less than 24 hours before switching to the env2. I have never wanted to launch a phone across the room like it did with the Glyde. Anyways the Glyde does not count. I'll give you the Touch even though they were the last carrier to launch it and no WI-FI and locked down GPS was all they added. Still waiting to see any thing official on the Diamond. My guess is they will just re-brand the Alltel one instead if the merger even goes through.

16. unregistered

wifi was never on the touch you idiot. none of the touches had wifi. why do you retards keep saying that?? so dumb

12. sit2k unregistered

is it smart to leave it only on roam to always use verizon boxes or put it on auto... i have a friend that has sprint and said his service is much better on just roam.. any truth to that?

14. unregistered

That does work on some Sprint phones but the roaming agrement with VZW is voice only. Some of the new phone only allow you to select "Auto" or "Sprint Only". That and they added something in the contract were if you roam more than a certain percent they will term the contract.

15. unregistered

no... it kills your battery... now i know that verizon fanboys are going to come on here and say this that or the other... but to leave a phone on "roam only" when that carriers towers are available, is going to kill his battery, plus data while roaming is additional... so not tooo smart if you ask me...

17. sit2k unregistered

i dont care about the battery, im always plugged in when in my car anyway. i only use the wifi on the phone not the data part as it is a waste in my opinion since hotspots are literally everywhere these days thank for your help guys

22. unregistered

I've heard keeping your phone always plugged in can possibly result in damaging your battery in the long run...

18. unregistered

Hey, I was just wondering if they were ever going to get different colors for the Sprint Version. I know it currently is selling in a red/burgundy color and i didn't really like it. i would be more than happy to wait a while and get a black or any other color.

19. sit2k unregistered

you can probably just buy different back plates..

20. anonymous101 unregistered

yea why is it only in france, in the US they would sell like hotcakes -i would get blue!!!

21. crazy~_~ unregistered

they should put all those colors for sprint touch diamond CDMA the red color okay but id prefer blue or white, they should also bring those color to the future att fuze!

24. unregistered


25. unregistered

no way
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