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HTC ThunderBolt overclocked to the astonishing 2.016GHz

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HTC ThunderBolt overclocked to the astonishing 2.016GHz
There are guys who love nothing better than to play with their devices, and sometimes they achieve some truly astonishing feats - like this instance, when @drod2169 (real name Derek Rodriguez) managed to overclock the HTC ThunderBolt to more than 2GHz.

Of course, it's dubious whether you would ever need your HTC ThunderBolt at 2GHz plus, but it just shows what a capable processor this handset packs - especially if you take into account that its stock speed is 1GHz.

If you are that type of guy who is quite eager to push his device to the limit, this may be a good opportunity to get to work but, of course, you may brick, break, fry or god knows what else your HTC ThunderBolt if something goes wrong.

source: Twitter via Android Community

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