HTC ThunderBolt 4G LTE data speed tests

Since the ThunderBolt is the first 4G LTE smartphone for Verizon, we were excited to run some speed tests on the device, alongside with out Motorola DROID X and iPhone 4. In our video below, the ThunderBolt got download speeds between 5-7 Mbps, though occasionally throughout the day we would see download speeds up to 10-12 Mbps. So it does appear the time of day may matter, as well as how many people are connected in your area using the network.
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29. at&t sucks unregistered

Lte is fast, but so is hspa+ and I think tmobile has a solid network, and kia has improved 100 times from the 90s. Honestly the worst network is at&t, and them claiming to be the fastest network is complete bs, and the thunderbolt is a beast of a phone 6 to 8mbps is impressive considering its a phone, my g2 gets 5 to 7 and once in a while 9 and above. So while lte is new technology its not the fastest yet, that title goes to tmobile for now, I think hspa+ has a lot of potential as well and like lte just get faster and faster.

30. zhenka unregistered

Got mine in Boston, pulling 10 to 20 mbps down and 7 up (wifi hotspot) 20 to 30 ( app) Up. This phone is freakishly fast, hope iphone 5 isn't LTE don't want to share this network speed just yet ; ) Awesome phone all around, just a bit heavy and big but the performance more than makes up for it.

31. Droid General unregistered

I really can't believe what I'm hearing on this thread. Let me start with LTE it is the strongest frequency for 4G with further building penetration, if you guys did your research you would know this, and by tbd way AT&T and t-mobile share the same so called 4G OR WHATEVER they're calling they're network. T-mobile will have have 64 mbs this in selected area's aswell as ATT, so get ready to go and stand next to a cell site near you or just carry your own cell site with you ;) . Verizon a complete wireless provider with a rock solid voice network and a strong data network to match. I'd rather pay a little more get what I'm supposed get, RELIABLE SERVICE and not excuses. China mobile, Verizon's LTE partner has recently tested they're network and where able to achieve 600 mbs down, so I'm pretty confident Verizon has no competition in the us, especially will all the big manufacturer's and top of the line phones.

33. krauser1 unregistered

Has anyone noticed that while using the Thunderbolt on 4g - tethered to a laptop that you can still receive calls and surf at the same time? I've done this a few times now and it works great. Not sure if it is 4g signal only as I have not tried doing this on 3g. Anyone else tried this?

35. christinawhite099

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used trucks
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