People App:

Of course, the People app is the place where you want to be if you’re searching for specific contacts since it makes use of the familiar two-panel view that’s in use with most things. In the left panel, you have the scrollable listing of contacts, while the right one perfectly shows all the information associated with the selection. For a tablet, this is unequivocally the type of presentation you’d want to see with a tablet since it makes use of the added real estate.

Messaging and Email:

Sure there are no optimizations evident with the Sense keyboard for tablet, but it’s more than usable at its core thanks to its ability to quickly and easily input alternative characters, like numbers and punctuations, without the need to get out of the main keyboard layout. Albeit, typing is still a challenge in landscape since keys aren’t all that large to accommodate the usual keyboard stance with our hands. Regardless of that, we’re more favorable to using the portrait one mainly because it emulates the feel of typing on a smartphone – meaning, our thumbs do all the work. Combining its responsiveness and ease, speed typing is no issue at all with this one.

Strange as it may be, the Gmail experience is untouched and basically presents us with the usual experience found on any Android smartphone. Despite the lack of any customization with it, we’re still given all the depth of features and control that the Gmail app has to offer. However, it still would’ve been nice to see it modified even slightly.

Thinking about it more, that’s probably why HTC’s mail app is probably the better one to use since it’s optimized to take advantage of the tablet’s roomy confines. Not only can you display accounts separately, but you also have a universal inbox that color codes emails so you’ll know where they’re from. Needless to say that the presentation is ideal again, mainly due to its intricate two-panel view, but you can filter messages according to attachments, meeting invitations, marked messages, unread, favorites, and conversations.


Being organized is one thing that the calendar app highly prizes because it’s organized in a manner that’s straightforward, while remaining tablet friendly with its presentation. Able to switch between day, week, month, and agenda views, the all too familiar two-panel layout displays your specific calendar in the left pane, while appointments are at full view on the right. Showcasing its implementation with other services, we’re also presented with a small breath of weather information in the right panel that allows you to plan ahead on what to wear on a particular day.

Combining the basic and advanced panels with the calculator, it would’ve been nice to see even more scientific functions along for the ride. Instead, the calculator is essentially stretched out to encompass the extra space – thus, boasting some extraordinary sized buttons.

As we mentioned already with the clock widget, the actual clock app is very informative with its offering due to the fact that it combines a bunch of items. Refining it for tablet viewing,  other clock functions are laid out in the distinguishable two-panel layout that takes advantage of every nook and cranny of the display. For example, not only does the desk clock show you the actual time, but it’s location aware as it displays the accompanying weather information as well – plus, it incorporates the calendar too!


Thanks to its Flash support, the web browsing experience is more than satisfactory since its performance isn’t tainted in any way with slowdown or lag. Obviously, it features things like double tap to automatically resize text, pinch gestures to zoom in/out, buttery fluid kinetic scrolling, and the ability to open up links in new windows. Clicking on the bookmarks icon, it displays all of them in a grid view – with an associating thumbnail of each respective site. Whether you surf the web in portrait or landscape, you can rest easy knowing that it’s going to be a fantastic experience either way.

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1. fuzzalicious unregistered

i want that wallpaper! how do i get it???

2. Phonecall01 unregistered

Regardless of what anyone may say!! This is by far the most functional tablet UI on the market today.

3. seeds

Posts: 48; Member since: Apr 13, 2011

sense ui is not just nice, but usefull & efective... btw this tablet can send & receive sms or not ?

4. biophone

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Sense #1 android skin

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