HTC FUZE launches on AT&T

HTC FUZE launches on AT&T
Smartphone buyers on AT&T, take note of the latest full-featured device to launch on the network: the HTC FUZE.  The long-awaited AT&T version of the Touch Pro sports a 3.2 megapixel camera/camcorder, microSD expansion slot, integrated business card reader, and the increasingly popular TouchFLO 3D user interface.  Business users are sure to appreciate Windows Mobile 6.1, Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g), Push To Talk, and the ability to connect to Microsoft Outlook, with Good Mobile Messaging and BlackBerry Connect coming later in the year.  But the device isn't all about business - for personal time, the FUZE is loaded with AT&T Mobile Music services, Cellular Video, and Video Share for enjoyment on their 3G network. 

Pricing comes in at a strategic $299.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate, so be prepared for a tough decision between the BlackBerry Bold, iPhone 3G, and this device!

HTC FUZE Specifications

source: AT&T



1. unregistered

at&t sucks anyways just another good product but for use on a shitty network

2. unregistered

stop hating

3. unregistered

at least att brings out phones you would want....verizon doesnt care about their phones or quality of their phones...I have been with them 10 years

17. unregistered

Wow. 10 years. Thats loyal. And you hate VZW? I'm confused...

20. unregistered

me 2. and verizon is the best network because they care about the phones they use.they test them to make sure they work the way they should with verizons network.

4. unregistered

At least AT&T commits to keeping the user interface the same and not modify it like Verzion does with its phones. And their network is not bad at all.

5. unregistered

oh yea, their network "IS" bad at all!

6. unregistered

i think VZW UI is better than AT&T. you can see how much 3G reception "EV"

12. vzw fanboy unregistered

i totally agree! it is alot better.

15. unregistered

And you can see how much 3G reception you have on any phone. On my Blackjack flashed with WinMo 6.1 I can see if I'm using UMTS or HSDPA.

18. unregistered

engadgetmobile is reporting that Verizon is releasing the touch pro on on Nov.24 and in stores Dec.1 for $419.99 on a two-year contract then a $70 mail-in rebate, which brings it down to $350. That's more expensive than the At&t Fuze and Sprint Touch Pro

7. unregistered

Dude's Stop talking smack to each other about AT&T and VZW, It's very simple. AT&T has better phones, and VZW has better Network. Enough said. I'm tired seeing this in every freaking article. Damn grow up !!!!!!!

9. unregistered

I agree that verizon has come from behind when it comes to phones, but recently and for the past two years now they have been getting better selection of phones. So what I'm trying to say is that they are up there with at&t now. Especially now with the storm coming out pretty damn soon! And just wait man, wait until we get the iphone as well. Who is gonna top us then? You tell me, who will have the last laugh?

8. unregistered

True that, at the end of the day, who really is makin' the money? Not some sorry a** on arguing a pointless opinion

10. unregistered

arguing online is like competing in the special olympics no matter who wins your still retarded

11. unregistered

Why post a comment if you think we're all retarded. That makes you one of us then.

14. unregistered

he's not arguing.

13. unregistered

Got one yesterday and the TouchFLO 3D interface rocks! It makes WinMo much more pleasaureable to use. Coming from someone who's had a XV6700 and Samsung i760.

16. unregistered

wow seriously? what's the point in arguing over phone companies? you arent going to change anything so grow up! wow. nerds.

19. Jyakotu unregistered

People are actually arguing about a phone that, if you don't like the serivce of AT&T, you can just get with Sprint? Seriously, no one is forcing you to buy this phone.

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