HTC EVO 3D vs LG Thrill 4G: specs comparison

We pit the two 3D-enabled phones announced for the US market, to try and determine who looks best on paper...
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65. evo3downlgthrill unregistered

I'm not saying anything but a friend work for LG technology in California and he said the thrill will be far off on the league from the 3d because the thrill have dual core and only limited the RAM to work so much. He said as many of us smart phone know by now that the apps will keep open it self up and stay open and almost inevitable that they take up rams to run and battery . So think about it.. EVO 3d still have 1gb of rams to run whatever it told to be run and thrill only have 512mb of rams but dual core so that saying the phone run much harder on both core and each apps or function or some take up almost 512mb to run so therefore sprint EVO still win dual core rams doesn't mean it faster but to see who is working harder. And 1.2 gh compare to 1.0 dual core comparison he said that the thrill seem laggy and seems to have more busy network and slow down the phone by much
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