HTC Arrive is re-branded HTC 7 Pro for Sprint

HTC Arrive is re-branded HTC 7 Pro for Sprint

Well, well, look at the latest additionto Sprint's lineup – the HTC Arrive, which rumors claim to be a re-branded HTC 7 Pro, got its own page on the carrier's website and it seems that the handset is coming in its full QWERTY glory very soon. The Arrive will most likely beofficially announced tomorrow if we are to believe Sprint's own hints on Twitter. The Arrive might be the first CDMA device on WindowsPhone 7 or, as the carrier puts it, the device "will have a hubfor gaming, music, pictures, and video."

The handset will probably hit shelveslater in March as it was Microsoft's own Steve Ballmer whohinted that the big WP7 update including copy-paste and CDMA supportis coming in March. No details on the pricing and exact launch datejust yet, but stay tuned as more information is surely coming soon.

source: Sprint via Engadget

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