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HP says webOS 2.0 coming to Palm Pre, Pre Plus, Palm Pixi and Pixi Plus in a few months

0. phoneArena posted on 20 Nov 2010, 00:53

Great news for owners of the Palm Pre, Pre Plus, Pixi and Pixi Plus as HP says that webOS 2.0 will be coming to those devices in the next few months...

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posted on 20 Nov 2010, 04:31

1. ayephoner (Posts: 850; Member since: 09 Jun 2009)

who will still have one of these in a few months?

theyre just waiting until after they launch their other devices.

posted on 20 Nov 2010, 10:08

2. useurcommonsensebuddy (unregistered)

Um... a lot of people cause some of us (me included) won't be able to get a new device until our contracts are up

posted on 20 Nov 2010, 19:06

4. ayephoner (Posts: 850; Member since: 09 Jun 2009)

i hope you didnt sign a contract for one of these too recently. i got one 4 months ago on craigslist for $100.

posted on 20 Nov 2010, 10:46

3. Gcombs (unregistered)

I am a proud owner of a Pre Plus and prefer WebOs over Android and Blackberry Os. I have had experience with all the mobile Os out there and find WebOs to be my favorite so far. Im waiting for Windows Phone 7 to hit Verizon because I think that has some nice features thats simplified like WebOs.

posted on 20 Nov 2010, 21:22

5. Pocketstop (Posts: 2; Member since: 20 Nov 2010)

WebOS is awesome. Its the hardware that needs improvement. We'll see what HP will do next year.

posted on 12 Feb 2011, 16:46

6. Zanesavage (unregistered)

HP is SCREWING OVER every previous generation device over. They LIED to us and abused the trust of the loyal fans who got the Palm name where it is today. I made a video all about it:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Bs4UDwz0dY

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