HP acquires ArcSight for US$1.5 billion

HP acquires ArcSight for US$1.5 billion
Hewlett-Packard is collecting companies like baseball cards. After extensive negotiation, HP purchased ArcSight for $1.5 billion. ArcSight is a security and compliance management company that protects companies and their networks from cyber threats.

This purchase comes 11 short days after purchasing 3Par for $2.06 billion. 3Par is a data storage company, and another piece in the puzzle that Hewlett-Packard is constructing.

Since their purchase of Palm and webOS, HP has been on an obvious crusade to move beyond PC's. With their global scale and the beloved webOS, we can look forward to some solid developments from the HP camp.

Keep your eyes out for Hewlett-Packard's webOS tablet expected the first quarter of 2011.

source: TheStreet


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1. Doakie

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Salivate. As soon as I picked up the iPad and started trying to swipe around to minimize cards, and go back. I knew the playform would be so much better as a webOS device. The iPad is too good of an idea to be running Apples Elementary School single tasking OS. Let the grown ups have their slates now, put a real OS on it, and stop naming everything Pads. Name them slates or tabs. Pads are for...other things.

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