HDR photos are coming to jailbroken iPhone 3G & 3GS handsets

HDR photos are coming to jailbroken iPhone 3G & 3GS handsets
Apple iPhone 3G owners had the unfortunate duty of learning that their beloved smartphone was going to be omitted from all the fun expected out of Game Center with iOS 4.1. Needless to say that it added insult to the aging smartphone as the second generation iPod touch was granted access to Game Center. Thankfully, the iPhone 3G isn't going to go down without giving a fight when it comes to HDR photos accompanying iOS 4.1 as well.

There is a hack available to jailbroken iPhone 3G & 3GS handsets which will allow them to take High Dynamic Range (HDR) photos. The hack itself will be included as part of the Cydia unofficial download store which is going to be made available to jailbroken handsets shortly. Although the iPhone 3G & 3GS might not offer the same level of quality found with the iPhone 4's higher 5-megapixel auto-focus camera, owners should still see some kind of improvements over regular ones. Regardless, we're sure that handset owners will be content to see this feature finally come around their way - even though it might not have Apple's blessings.

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